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    I love Josie Grace!! So sweet and flows really nicely. My last name is Elliott, so I obviously love the name. Although I do still see it as more of a male name. Josie to me seems like it would go with a girlie-girl or more of a tom-boyish girl too. She could go by Jo if she wanted too.... JOSIE GRACE!!!

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    I like Eva Kate the best. I agree with Mischa's comments.

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I like Eva Kate the best. Josie is too nicknamey, and Elliot, imo, is still a boys' name. Some databases list it as unisex because it's gotten some use on girls lately, but Elliot is a variant on the boys' name Elijah... so is Elias. It has no feminine etymology whatsoever.

    I think Eva Kate is rather stunning, actually--sweet, girly, but not too frilly, so if she ends up being athletic like her mommy, I don't think she'll feel like it doesn't suit her, but it can also suit a girly-girl just fine. The nn Evie is too cute!
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    Eva Kate - nice to name after family!

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