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    Does my 4yo really hate her name???

    Oh no! My 4yo daughter this week has made two comments that she hates her name! Although she has a unique name, she surely can't be aware of that at this age, right? And what name does she want to be called? Isabella! The #1 most popular name! From a mom who prides herself on using names that are not in the top 1000, I am, of course, horrified. Trying not to make a big deal about it, and hoping they're just passing comments from a fickle pre-schooler. My niece changed her name from Marie to Mimi when she was 3, and it totally stuck. Her parents were on board with it. I would not be!! Help!!!
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    Well, which one is she? Arienne, Vienna or Clio?

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    Does she have a nn she could go by? At a fairly young age I knew I wasn't very fond of my name (I've since grown to love it), but I'm not sure it was that young... maybe she just wants to reinvent herself? I have heard of a lot of little girls around that age who love the idea of having a "new name" and it might just be a passing fad.

    I think having a nn she can use might help, too... if she's Arienne she could maybe go by Ari, and Vienna could go by Via or Enna... If Clio's your four-year-old, though, I'm not sure if there's really anything she could go by besides Clio. Maybe Evie? It's a bit of a stretch, but when you say her initials, C.V., and take off the "ss" sound at the beginning, you get the Evie sound...

    Good luck!
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    I have a 4 year old Daughter as well. We just recently had another little girl and so perhaps she's become more aware than the average child about names. But she has asked questions like, "Why do some people have the same names?" Honestly I think she's confused by it because she's never heard anyone else with her name. So it is possible that your Daughter is becoming more aware of names or maybe another child in her preschool mentioned that her name is unusual, or maybe she met someone with the name Isabella and thought it was pretty (like so many other people do).

    Also my Daughter says she likes her own name, but also said she wished we would have named her the name we just gave her little sister. So yes, I think at this age they are becoming aware of names. Good Luck!

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    When I was that age I loved my name and I just assumed that everyone had my same MN and LN and would let them know that they were wrong if they insisted anything else. I also let everyone know that I had the best name ever and nothing else compared LOL. I still love my name but not to that extreme anymore, so I would say that it is just a phase. I work with Pre-K children and they like to do funny things like that. They trade names and tell me only to call them by "new" names. Some days they like their NN others they hate it. It could have been something like this that she did at school and then decided she liked it and in a week or two she will have forgotten all about it or picked a new name. A group I worked with last year would go through and pick princess names and when they felt like a princess they wanted to be called by their princess names, so I think it is just something funny to her that she will soon forget

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