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    Lightbulb Twin sister for Seamus Beau?

    Hi everyone! My cousin who is also pregnant has convinced me to come on here for some name advice, and I'm so happy! I've been name-obsessed since I was little and I never knew there was a site like this!

    So I'm expecting boy/girl twins very soon!

    DH and I literally just decided our baby boy's name; Seamus Beau. We love the way it sounds with our last name, Rumery. Seamus is a name I've loved for a long time, and it just feels perfect.
    We had been considering two middle names, but thought it took away from the charm of Seamus and Beau together.

    Now the trouble is finding a girl name we love just as much.
    Names we've been throwing around: Seraphine, Aria, Darcy, Hazel, Lucille, Esme.
    We really don't know about about middle names, so please make your own combos that we can take into consideration!

    35 weeks along with our first babies, Boy/Girl twins!
    To be named: Seamus Allen Beau Rumery & Hazel ______ Belle Rumery

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    I really like the way Lucille Aria sounds with Seamus Beau. Both longer first names with shorter middle names. And the nickname Lucy is adorable. I like the way Seamus and Lucy sound together.

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    Welcome! From your list, I really like both Darcy and Hazel with Seamus. Darcy is also Irish in origin, so it just seems to fit. Hazel is very different in many respects, but it feels sort of old-school in a different way from Seamus, and the long A sound seems to tie them together. Esme could maybe work for the same reason, but Seraphine, Lucille, and Esme all feel very French for me next to Seamus, and Aria feels very trendy next to Seamus (although that could tie in well with his middle name Beau). I actually love about Darcy that it also has a French connection (D'Arcy) to go with both parts of Seamus Beau.

    I really like the idea of Darcy Esme or Hazel Seraphine. Perhaps keep trolling lists here on NB of Irish and French names to keep generating ideas. Good luck!

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    Seamus and Hazel are my favorite together.
    Seamus an Darcy are pretty cute together too.


    Seamus and Sadie
    Seamus and Lucy
    Seamus and Hattie
    Seamus and Lottie
    Seamus and Keira
    Seamus and Isla
    Seamus and Willa
    Seamus and Pippa
    Seamus and Poppy

    Good luck

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    Yay, replies!

    Thanks for all the suggestions! DH's fav is Esme, and he adores Esme Pearl. I think it sounds great with Rumery.

    I really like Willa, but the same cousin who got me into nameberry was considering that name if her baby was a girl (It's a boy), and I feel like that would be name theft! She might want to use it later.

    I love Poppy, Pippa, and Piper, but DH hates them all!
    35 weeks along with our first babies, Boy/Girl twins!
    To be named: Seamus Allen Beau Rumery & Hazel ______ Belle Rumery

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