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    Old Hollywood Names

    Are there any Old Hollywood Names that you like or would class as being usable today?

    Names such as Ava, Grace, Harlow and James seem to be quite popular at the moment, but are there any names that are associated with Old Hollywood films/actors that appeal to you?

    Personally, the names Ginger (as in Ginger Rogers) and Lucille (as in Lucille Ball) are starting to really appeal to me. Also, after watching a lot of Hitchcock movies I'm starting to really like Hedren (as in Tippi Hedren) but I think that'll just remain a guilty pleasure of mine... maybe a middle name at a push!

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    I really like Clark (a la Mr. Gable) and Gregory (a la Mr. Peck).

    Both Greta (Garbo) and Vivien ( other spellings moreso) seem on their way in...I like both.

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    Hepburn (for Katharine and Audey) as a middle name for sure as well as Fred Astaire.
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    today's favorites: Howl, Sherlock, Scheherazade

    (and favorites of the non-pet names: Celia Hermione, Odette, Inigo, Arthur Rooney)

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    Ingrid, to me is a beautiful, classic name. Reminiscent of Ingrid Bergman. Ginger is also appealing as well.

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    I like:

    Audrey -- as in Audrey Hepburn
    Brigitte -- as in Brigitte Bardot
    Clara -- as in Clara Bow
    Claudette -- as in Claudette Colbert
    Judy -- as in Judy Garland (love the legend more than the name)
    Vivian -- as in Vivian Leigh
    Oliver -- as in Oliver Hardy
    Warren -- as in Warren William
    Claude -- as in Claude Rains
    Clark -- as in Clark Gable
    Vincent-- as in Vincent Price
    Lawrence -- as in Lawrence Olivier
    Alexander -- as in Alexander Knox -- My Amazon Author Page

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