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    Wink What were your weird cravings?

    Our second baby is due in March, and the cravings I've had with this one are completely different than our first!

    With our first baby girl, Rosalie, I craved sweets! Specifically peanut butter ice cream.

    With this one, I'm craving saltier foods, aka the chicken pad thai from the Thai food place down the street.

    What about you guys?
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    With my first (girl), I craved grapefruit and strawberries. With my second (boy), I wanted Chinese food all the time - especially hot and sour soup. With my third (boy), I craved waffles and watermelon - but luckily not together. I guess its no surprise that I gained less weight the first time around.

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    Baby #1-craved sugar like crazy-and I'm not a big fan. Baby #2-no cravings but after I had her-I crave ground pepper big time. The smell of it, the taste of it. That craving is still holding out. No cravings other than the pepper with #3 so far.
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    With #1 (boy) I craved peanut butter, too. And chocolate. With #2 I craved guacamole big time, and the first four weeks of pregnancy or so, I had it many times a day. I didn't understand the craving until around the end of week 4 when I took the pregnancy test. After that, I didn't crave much except crushed ice. I've heard craving ice is bad, but I'm not sure why.
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    With DD #1 I craved salty chips, chocolate, fizzy water, and iced tea. With DD #2, I craved fruit juice, fresh breadrolls, heavy hearty soups and stews, etc. Very different cravings for me!
    I gained more weight during my second pregnancy than my first.
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