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    Congratulations everyone We've been trying every day now, so hopefully it'll work out for us!
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    I was on the pill for 8 yrs and came off in June, my period came right on schedule. We aren't TTC till May but I came off with plenty of notice for my body to get to normal. We are waiting because we have stuff we wanted to do first, wanted to save some money and that I can take maternity leave from work and be able to work from home.

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    Well, I've missed a period by a week and a half! I'm not going to test right away, I'm going to wait until this time next month to test because I don't want to get my hopes up only to find that my cycle is just being a bit lazy. No other signs really other than I cannot get to sleep until about 6am in the morning, and I'll wake up at about 11am, whereas usually I sleep for about 10 hours a night... Anyone experience anything like this early in their pregnancy?
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    I felt like that (couldn't sleep) only once I took a test and it came back positive becuase I was so shocked! Congrats on your possible pregnancy! I think you will be disapointed if its negative whether you do it now, or wait until next month unfortunately. I could never wait that long when we were trying! Lol I actually found out I was pregnant almost a week before my period was even due because I couldn't wait to test, but it worked out good for me becuase the doctor needed to monitor me to ensure that this baby wasn't in the wrong location like the last one was. Let us know how it goes!
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    Eeek still no sign of my period as of yet! Still having problems sleeping and bread smells and tastes really sour to me? No idea if that's a result of my taste/smell being altered by a possible pregnancy, but I'm hoping it is! I'm not even sure if that would effect me in the early stages?

    That's a good point, but usually I'll run out and buy a test ASAP so I thought I'd give it a chance yet, if anything just to save myself the money I'll keep updating, thanks everyone!

    Also, I'd be so grateful if anyone could answer me these questions!

    1. I've heard time and time again that lying on your back is the most uncomfortable way to give birth. If this is the case, are you allowed to give birth in any position that you want to? I heard that being in the squatting/sitting position is the best way? It seems cruel to be told you have to lay on your back.

    2. Can you liken labour pains to anything? Is it literally just like very, very intense menstrual cramps?

    3. What did you find to be the most painful part? The cramps, the baby coming out, etc?

    4. I know that your bones move around when you're about to give birth, which is part of the pain. Can you actually feel that? It sounds really scary!

    5. If you had them, did gas & air help you very much? And are epidurals very painful?

    6. Do they allow you to keep the baby in the room with you or do they keep it in the maternity ward nursery, which seems to be how they do it in movies?

    Sorry for all the questions, I must sound so silly for asking them, but I'd love to hear your answers!
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