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    How many attempts before you got pregnant?

    Me and my OH have been trying sort of on-and-off to have a baby over the past few months. We do want one, but there's been a lot of problems (losing jobs, family problems and personal issues, etc) so we haven't been continously trying. Right now we're on a "baby break" because he's lost his job, but when he finds a new one and everything is good and stable, we'll be trying again.

    I've been off the contraceptive injection since April and I haven't taken the pill since early August. Does it take a while for your body to get back to its normal self after being on contraception? I've been having normal periods.

    Thank you!
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    For me, the pill gets out of my system quickly and I get pregnant my first or second cycle off the pill. I was on Depo for a long time too and it took longer to conceive after that. I went off in May, my period returned in September and I got pregnant the following January. Everyone is different though. Good luck!

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    For me, I came off the pill in January, my period returned in May and I fell pregnant after 7 cycles that December. Our daughter was born the following September. When asked, I say it took 7 months to conceive her. But in reality, if you count the amount of time it took for my cycle to return to normal, it took over 18 months.
    It takes a while for your body to regulate itself, don't panic. Best of luck TTC, I hope your situation improves
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    Thank you girls! I was beginning to worry but this has sorted my nerves
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    After going off birth control it took 6 months for us to conceive. That pregnancy turned out to be ectopic (in my fallopian tube) and had to be treated. Once we were finally cleared to start trying again it took 3 months to get pregnant with this baby boy due this May
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