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    MN suggestions for Genevieve?

    I've been loving the name Genevieve for about a week, but I can't decide what names sound good as a MN with it. Suggestions? Thanks so much
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    I'd love some votes on my name list:

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    Genevieve Ashling
    Genevieve Sophia
    Genevieve Odessa
    Genevieve Elizabeth
    Genevieve Aurelia

    Your challenge is to choose a middle name with equal beauty to the first. I vote for Odessa, three syllables rounding off with an 'a'.

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    I adore the name Genevieve! Some possible MNs that come to my mind are...
    Genevieve Cosette
    Genevieve Snow
    Genevieve Muse
    Genevieve Claire
    Genevieve Sonata
    Genevieve Justine
    Genevieve Lisette
    Genevieve Lane
    Genevieve Pearl
    Genevieve Terese
    Genevieve Lark

    I also adore the above suggestion of Odessa <3
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I love Genevieve! MNs are always my problem, too, haha. I've always had a soft spot for Genevieve Kate, Genevieve Opal, Genevieve Wren, Genevieve Anne, and Genevieve Amelia.

    What about:
    Genevieve Eloise
    Genevieve Bryony
    Genevieve Claire
    Genevieve Serena
    Genevieve Irina/Irene
    Genevieve Winter
    Genevieve Lila

    Good luck!
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