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    Bristol??? Too much baggage with this name?

    Help, we really like the name Bristol for a girl, but does it carry too much baggage? ie: Bristol Palin...

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    I'm sorry I just can't get past Bristol Palin personally, but I know two people who named their child Bristol in the last couple years. So it is not completely unusable if you love it.
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    For me Bristol is a not overly attractive city and cockney rhyming slang for breasts. Can't really comment on Bristol Palin as I'm not American idk how much weight her name carries.
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    I think of Bristol Palin too. As place names go, Bristol is not a great namesake either imo. It doesn't conjure up pleasant imagery the way, say, Paris or India does.
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    Have you considered the name Brystal instead? It's not in the Nameberry database, but it does exist, and last year 73 girls in the U.S. were named Brystal. I know a ten-year-old Brystal as well.

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