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    Sarah - Usable or Dated?

    It's been a long long time since I've met a Sarah under the age of 20. Is it dated?

    Do you know any? Would you use Sarah/Sara?

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    I love Sarah! It definitely isn't outdated—I'm under 20, and I have a lot of friends my age named Sarah.

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    Sarah is timeless! It works on every single age and would not look odd or out of place on a baby today. I know a few Sarah's around my age (mid twenties), but I have only come across one at work.

    I threw around the idea of Sera as a nickname for Serafina but not on it's own, no other reason than there are other names I love more - but it's a great name!

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    I think Sarah is always usable. Its a classic and I don't consider it dated.

    I know a lot a of Sarahs ranging from twenty to about five. I think I have about six Sarah/Saras in my graduating class which is this year. I wouldn't use Sarah because I know so many personally but it is a very pretty name and what girl wouldn't want a name meaning princess?

    If you like Sarah but are worried about it being dated you could use it as a nickname for Seraphine or Seraphina which I also think are very pretty.
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    Sarah was a very popular name for my generation (born in the 1980s), but I don't think that it could ever really sound dated in the way that Jessica or Jennifer can sound dated, because Sarah is a classic, biblical name and its popularity is not confined to one time period.

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