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    Older moms? High-risk pregnancies?

    Just wondering if anyone is experiencing or has experienced something similar to my current situation: I'm pregnant at 42 with baby number 6, and in addition to being a little older than most pregnant ladies... (my hair is silver! Goes great with the belly!), I've recently learned that I'm positive for Factor V Leiden, an inherited blood disorder that can lead to terrifying and tragic pregnancy complications. I'm having to inject Lovenox 2x per day and see either my OB or a specialist every week, which is VERY different from my past experiences. My previous 5 pregnancies were a breeze, but the specialist says I just got lucky considering my genetic blood abnormality. Yikes! The only thing that went wrong was that I had a pulmonary embolism after baby number 5. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else is facing being positively ANCIENT ) and/or dealing with anything a little scary this time. BTW, I'm at 21 weeks and having a girl!

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    Hi Beanie!

    I'm only 27 yo and TTC but I'm high risk too (just met with my high-risk OB for a preconception meeting). We're totally different spectrums, but you're not alone! Not all of us can elegantly and effortlessly pop out a baby (;

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    Hi Poppy! Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one. I think it's great that you're getting medical care/ advice at the very beginning of your journey. With so much love in store, your little one will be very lucky indeed! Best wishes on all of your endeavors!

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    Hi Beanie,
    My Dad has Factor V Leiden, he's heterozygous, and I'm negative. It was only discovered about 10 yrs ago, after his sister had surgery, and then developed several life threatening clots. He's been lucky and never had any issues caused by the disorder, despite breaking a leg in his 20's, having his appendix removed, and various other little things that could have been big issues. Knowing that you have Factor V, while it makes you "high risk", at least allows you to be treated so that you don't have another embolism, or serious clot.

    Like I said, I don't have the disorder, but I guess I am high risk. I'm 30 (31 in March), and I'm overweight, and with my first pregnancy, my blood pressure was "normal", but hovering near "high". When I hit 37 weeks, and went into the high zone (nothing crazy, though), and I had my baby at 38 weeks. This time around, my bp is already just into the high zone, although they are thinking it was probably elevated slightly before I got pregnant. This is good news, since it indicates the higher bp wasn't caused by the pregnancy. I'm nearing 23 weeks now, and so far it has remained consistent, thank goodness! It's not high enough to require medication, and I'm crossing my fingers that it won't get to that. My hope for this pregnancy is to make it to 37 wks, and to deliver a healthy baby boy or girl.

    Good luck to you and your growing baby girl!

    @Poppy-Good luck with trying to conceive

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    Hi Labmama, Oh I hope your bp does stay in the safe zone! My cousin's was too high, and her baby had to be delivered very early as a result. He is ok now, but it was difficult for their family. It's fortunate that you're negative for FVL, as I understand it can lead to pre-eclampsia. Like your dad, I am also heterozygous. I went all those years without any hint of it until my William was born in 2010. Eight weeks postpartum I had a nagging pain in my side and a little trouble getting a deep breath. I thought I had an injured rib, but I had clots in both lungs and one lobe was completely blocked! In hindsight it's good that I had that experience because otherwise I wouldn't be getting preventative treatment during this pregnancy and wouldn't know to avoid the dangers of bc pills and hormone replacement in the future. This time the drs were already watching me like hawks because of my age. Imagine if we didn't have the benefits of modern medicine! Your doctor would have no clue about your blood pressure and mine would just say, "Good luck, Grandma!" lol. Anyway, many blessings for you and your precious babies. You're over half way there!

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