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    How long did you wait before trying to conceive again?

    Hello everyone! I gave birth to my daughters Elena and Alexandra in August. I also have my 19 year old son Jack, my 3 year old Sam and my 2 year old Luke. I really would like to have another soon and was wondering for parents of twins, how close are your twins to your other children? Sam and Luke are 15 months apart and I loved that spacing, I had to wait and focus on my residency for a bit before I had Laney and Lexie. If I start TTC now the babies will be 14 months apart, I'm hoping I will get pregnant within the next 2-4 months, does that seem doable? I love the chaos that comes with so many so close together and we are really enjoying our time as a family, even though Jack is gone a lot of the time. I would love to add at least one more baby to this family, but I just want to see if there are any parents of twins plus more, that have any good advice for us! Thank you!
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    None of my kids are any closer than 2+ yrs apart so I can't really comment on the very short spacing...alot of people seem to like it. I don't think I'm a fan.

    I can comment on 14 month old twins though- lol. My girls are about to be 14 months. I'm thinking what life would be like if I had a newborn tomorrow.... We could make it work. 14 months is still very very young though. I am still nursing my girls and I think it would be quite challenging to nurse 3 (I've nursed 2 before -- and not just the twins so I'm kinda a "pro" in this area) and I'm a big bf supporter and hope to make it to 2 yrs, which is the world health org's recommendation. Another negative about short spacing (for me) is so many in diapers! I'd rather the older ones be potty trained or at least almost ready to start training. 14 month olds (most of them) can walk so that helps free up your arms for a new baby. They are still learning many things with motor skills and talking though. It might be easier if you only had one toddler (14 months) + a new baby. Twins add some complexity!

    DH and I definitely want more children and I would definitely be thrilled to be pregnant now... I'd also be thrilled to find out I was expecting when my twins turned 14 months old. However, I prefer to wait until they reach their first birthday to really start trying -- cause that gives my body enough time to heal as well as the baby a good nutritional start and they will be a bit older (18 months is so much different than 13 or 14 months!!) when the new baby arrived. I don't know if you had a C-section or not, but, and you probably know this from your medical training, they recommend you wait a year to allow the C-section to heal. You could be at risk for a uterine rupture from the C-section scar.

    I did get pregnant very quickly this time around. We conceived when the twins were 8 months and the new baby was going to be 17 months younger than the twins. (We lost our little girl at 16 weeks though). We were so blessed to be expecting, but feeling a little crazy thinking about having 3 under 2. It's definitely alot of work and your boys are quite young too... you have to start getting them to help with the twins so they will be ready for baby #6! Overall, it's a personal decision for you and DH. Best of luck w/ it!
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    I don't have twins but I gave birth to my DD just a few weeks after you had your baby girls. We had planned to start TTC #3 last month, but decided against it in the end. I worried about how I'd cope, and how my body would handle another pregnancy after such a short space of time. We're going to review the situation this time next year.
    As much as I love the idea of another baby, my last pregnancy took its toll on my body and I found it hard to adjust to having two little ones.
    I've seen you posting around the forums though, and you seem like a great mom Best of luck with your decision!
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