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Thread: Chance BNG

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    Mar 2012
    Your Name: Sophie Alice Drew
    DH’s Name: Jack Dillion Drew

    If your hair is its natural colour, you have b/b twins.
    Ronan EmmettandMilo William

    If you want to have less than four kids in real life, you have b/g twins
    Eva AliceandPatrick Edward

    If you like Twilight better than Harry Potter, you have g/g/g triplets, first names from, middle names your choice
    Bella Ivy,Jade EsmeandAmelia Bianca

    If you’re a dog person, you have a boy.
    Parker James

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    Your Name: Susannah Charlotte Corp
    DH’s Name: William Henry Corp

    B/G twins: Jameson Archer Corp & Clementine Mae Corp
    B/B/G/G quads: Christian Douglas Corp, Arthur Levi Corp, Priscilla Rose Corp, & Eva Josephine Corp
    B/B/G trips: Graham Broderick Corp, Quentin Seamus Corp, Lily Penelope Corp
    Boy: Hugh Carter Corp

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    Northamptonshire, England
    My name is Alice Geneva Kingston, and my husband is Arthur Henry Kingston.

    We have twin boys: Ronan Henry and Edward Willem.

    We then have boy/girl twins: Oscar Joseph and Alice Virginia.

    A few years later, we have boy/boy/girl triplets: Otto Phineas, Ignatius Cedric and Violet Agatha.

    Finally, we have a daughter: Tempest Delilah.

    Ronan, Edward, Oscar, Alice, Otto, Ignatius, Violet and Tempest. "Ro, Eddie, Oscar, Alice, Otto, Ignatius, Ivy and Tempest"
    Katie Charlotte

    listography / ask

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    Ontario, Canada
    Me: Cecelia Ellis DH: Michael Robert

    1. Natural coloured hair = twin boys! Names: Ronan Miles and Milo Ray
    2. If I want less than 4 kids irl = B/G twins: and Cecily Mae and Max Curtis
    3. Like H.P more than Twilight = B/B/G triplets: George Avery, Gideon Abbott and Ginevra Alice
    4. Cat person = Girl: Lillith "Lily" Delilah

    The kids: Ronan, Milo, Cecily, Max, George, Gideon, Ginevra and Lily

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    My Name: Carin Elisabeth
    Husband's Name: William Grey

    B/B Twins: Henry Arthur & Kenneth (Kenny) Jack

    B/G Twins: Jeremiah (Jeremy) Charles & Mary Alma

    B/G/G Triplets: Sullivan (Sully) Alex & Annie Beatrix & Laura Maxine

    B: Philip James

    Carin & Will

    Henry, Kenny, Jeremy, Mary, Sully, Annie, Laura & Philip
    Girls: Jana | Hollis | Mae | Diana | Cassandra | Della | Julia | Lia | Amy | Willa | Lucienne

    Boys: Leland | Reilly | Josiah | Isaiah | Leo | Liam | Gabriel | Eli | Jeremy | Philip | Harrison

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