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    Character naming & renaming

    Hiya berries

    I'm naming the three major characters in a novel of mine, and they're giving me a good bit of trouble - the main character, the main character's brother, & the brother's girl. The setting is London, England, but the main & her brother were born & lived in New York City for about 17 years.

    The main character is 19 & an art major. She's not a huge talker, & is sweetly spunky. She doesn't usually go bothering other people, but is pretty nosey about her brother/family's life. I'm looking for something olde-fashioned, nicknamey, short & sweet, but with an edge of spunk. Nellie & Lottie both crossed my mind, but Nellie's a bit too sweet & I'm a Charlotte so Lottie wouldn't work Willa & Lizzie were two others that could possibly work. Tessa is a definite favourite, but there's a character from a YA fiction series with a heroine named Tessa - some of the familial plotlines are scarily close, & I'm worried about overstepping the line, even though Tessa suits my character perfectly. Gemma was another option.

    Anyways, the main character has an older brother named Crispin, who's an English major; they're about two years apart in age. He's 22 & gentle/humble/kinda awkward with most people. He grew up taking care of himself, his little sister, & their scatterbrained parents/aunt. He's Cris to most people, but the main calls him Pip. His name is pretty integrated with the character.

    Crispin likes a girl who's snobby & hates his guts. Her name (so far) is Philippa - she's London-born to celebrity parents, & is a year older than the main. She's really horrid to Crispin at first (they're in the same extracurricular drama class). She's very aloof to everyone but a select few because she was taught to avoid potential cling-ons/paparazzi/people in general by her famous parents. The only beef I have with her name is that her nickname ends up being Pippa - is it weird/cutesy to have a couple go by Pip & Pippa (though only to the main)? If so, I'd love to hear suggestions for the girl's name

    Crispin & the main were born in New York City to rather eclectic boho-cool parents who dumped them to live with their artist aunt when the main was 3-5 years old. Not sure if that'll help with the naming criteria, but they were kind of yupster-quirky-cool. Philippa comes from a large family full of pretentious-sound names.

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    Hmm, England - look at what is more popular there than the US, especially around London.
    Old-fashioned, short & sweet, shy and artsy, but with an edge of spunk: makes me think right away of one of my faves, Alice, which is also much more common in the UK than the US.
    If you want one more nick-namey, maybe Cate or Cates (from Catherine, a popular name in England for hundreds of years)

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    @twilighter: Ooh, I like Alice, but I don't think it's quite right! I'll definitely keep it in mind, though Also, something of note - Art Major was born in the US, but had recently moved to the UK for university

    Thanks for your input!

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    I think these names should be ones for you to consider: (*= my favorites)
    Evangelina nn Lina*
    hope this helps

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    I like your idea of Gemma, and the suggestion of Giselle. Maybe Cora or Nora would work? I was going to suggest Pippa before I read that she calls her brother Pip and he likes a Pippa lol
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