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    My 4 yr old's name is Ewan. We have had people call him Ee-wahn when reading his name, however, they are usually easily corrected. I have more trouble when making introductions! I have found that people change names they don't know into the closest name they do know! So, when I say this is Yew-an, they say back You-ing. I guess between Ewing, NJ & Patrick Ewing, they can deal with that name better than Ewan!

    I would have thought more people would know Ewan McGreggor! But Star Wars fans have no problem with the name at all!

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    Are there people who don't know who Ewan Mcgregor is these days?... Travesty.

    Some might have an issue at first upon reading it, but I think once told how to pronounce it, they would be on board very quickly. It's a great name!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    Euan/Iwan/Ewan = YOU-an

    Eoin = OH-in

    I know everyone here is familiar with Ewan because of Ewan McGregor but I can't speak for the states I'm afraid.
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    I just asked my hubby and he said AY-wawn. Think more people would be familiar with Ewan McGregor
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    Well I'm American and I don't know Ewan McGregor, so my first thought was ew (I like in ewwwwww) -an

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