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Thread: Dice game

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    Jun 2013
    DH: Margaret Louise "Meg"
    DW: Nicholas David "Nick"

    DD: Marina Brooke
    DD: Alana Dominique
    Hedgehog named Marilyn
    DS/DS: Gabriel Reed "Gabe"
    DAS: Ellis Jude
    Dalmatian dog named Hermione
    DAS: Miles Aspen

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    Jan 2013
    West Midlands, UK
    Me: Elizabeth Louise
    Hubby: Matthew George

    Our first pregnancy results in fraternal twin boys! We name the chaps:
    Sebastian Kai and Sullivan River.

    Three years later the twins get a baby sister, we name her:
    Melody June.

    Nine months after Melody's birth, we get a rabbit for the kids, they insist on calling him Bugs Bunny.

    What we didn't know when we adopted Bugs what that I was already four months pregnant, when Melody is 18months old I give birth to fraternal twin girls:
    Rose Athena and Kate Lucia.

    When the twins start school, Matt and I look into adoption. One year later we bring home a tiny baby girl from Ireland. We name her:
    Edith Bryn.

    After the successful adoption of Edie, Matt and I start to look closer to home to adopt our next child. With our oldest sons practically on their knees begging for a brother, we agree before hand that we will adopt a boy. Visiting a local orphanage with Seb and Sully, they strike up a friendship with an eight year old boy named: Finn Sylvan. After a quick paperwork session, we bring him home.

    The completed Granger family = Lizzie (36) and Matt (36) with: Seb (10), Sully (10), Finn (8), Melody (7.5), Rose (6), Kate (6), and Edith (2).
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Jul 2011
    DH: Mark Stephen Jones
    DW: Alice Patricia Jones

    First pregnancy.
    1 or 2: B/B twins
    DS: Sebastian Ford
    DS: Theo Hudson

    Second pregnancy.
    4,5,6: Girl
    DD: Diana Pearl

    6: Guinea pig

    Third pregnancy. If you get a:
    4: B/G twins
    DS: Ezra Malcolm
    DD: Vivienne Daphne

    Adopt: from another country (Romania)
    Odd number: Girl
    DD: JosephinePoseyWren

    Pet (Turtle).

    Second adoption.
    Even number: A girl
    DD: Ruby Ash

    The Jones family:
    Mark, Alice, Sebastian, Theo, Diana, Ezra, Vivienne, Posey & Ruby with Nelson the Guinea Pig and Atticus the turtle
    Top Girls: Tessa, Audrey, Joyce nn Joy, Harriet, Lynn, Regina nn Reggie, Diana, Ivy, Anthea NN Thea
    Top Boys: Theodore nn Theo, Quade, Miles, Cormac, Keith, Isaac, Jude, Flynn, Max.

    Irish name Indulgances: Donncha, Padraig, Méabh, Gráinne.

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    Oct 2012
    Ohio USA
    DH: William Nicholas
    DW: Margaret Caroline

    DD: Piper Laguna
    DD: Nerissa Melody

    Your family decides to get a pet and name him/her after a famous person. You get a hedgehog and name her Anastasia.

    DS/DS: Spencer Andrew/Christian Nathaniel

    You decide to adopt from Ethiopia. You adopt a young boy and name him Ellis Reed.

    You decide to get another pet, and you rescue a golden retriever. Your spouse names him after a famous fictional character, Gatsby.

    Second adoption. This time you visit a local orphanage and adopt a little girl, named Claire Acacia.

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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    Jun 2013
    United Kingdom
    DH - Frederick Louis
    DW - Penelope Rue

    DS/DS - Hugo Hudson & Atticus Ford
    DS - Rupert Jude
    DD/DD - Luna Rose & Violet True
    DD (adopted from South Africa) - Grace Lux
    DD - Nora Olive

    Pets - Hedgehog called Presley & Dog called Ronald

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