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    When your second baby is a year old, you find out you're pregnant again! This is somewhat perfect, as you've just been offered the part of a pregnant young woman in a movie. You agree, and filming begins when you're 5 months pregnant. You're playing a person who is 7 months pregnant, but you look big enough because you're expecting twins!
    Just after filming wraps up, you go into labour, and welcome your twins:
    Twin #1: Isadora Thea "Teddy"
    A girl. She looks like your eldest.
    Twin #2: Audrey Madeleine
    You pick the gender. First is after an actor/actress, middle name is from your favourites list.

    You decide to take some time off and enjoy your family. When the twins are 3, your husband takes an acting job in England. You're also offered a role by a very well respected director. The film is am intense drama, and as soon as you read the script, you know you have to take the part. Since you two both need to go there to film for a while, you decide to move. You keep your home in America.
    Filming for both projects take longer than expected, and the kids really start to love England. Right after filming wraps up, you find out you're pregnant again. This is baby number 6 in the family, which you really weren't expecting.

    9 months later, you’re back in America, and you’ve welcomed your newest addition.
    Even= girl, odd= boy.
    First name: Alexander "Sasha"
    Middle name: Memphis
    Even after returning to home America, you miss England. Your kids miss it too, and you decide to make a permanent move to England.

    You and your husband figure out a way to work and take care of the kids, and you begin guest starring on a number of different British TV shows. The movie you first filmed in England has finally been released, and critics are calling it your best role yet. There’s already talk about the film winning Oscars, BAFTAs, etc.

    You and your husband have decided that six is enough. However, when your youngest is five years old, you find out you’re pregnant again!

    Roll the dice:
    1. A single baby boy.

    Rowan Joseph (long 'o' sound)

    Jane Evangeline Ramsay, Taylor William Ashby, Eli Rafael, Greyson Laurent (Ramsay), Coraline Lilac Valentine, Isadora Thea "Teddy", Audrey Madeleine, Alexander Memphis "Sasha", and Rowan Joseph.

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