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    A year after your last movie was released, you're still reaping in the benefits of its success. You've bought yourself an awesome new beach house in Los Angeles, bought a whole brand-new wardrobe filled with designer labels, driving around in a hot-pink convertible, partying with your friends, and dating the sexiest men in Hollywood. But you're starting to feel bored and a little bit restless. One of your agents comes to you with a new movie role. You audition for it and get the part...and you might also meet Mr. Right.

    What movie do you audition for?
    Odd #: A PG rated fantasy called Witch is Witch. You play Emily Griffiths, a married woman and mother of twin daughters who also happens to be a witch. Your character's sister suddenly returns after having disappeared ten years prior and begins to cause all sorts of problems, bringing the family unwillingly into danger. It's up to your character to save her family, and herself, from being over come by the deadly lure of black magic.

    Do you meet Mr. Right? Roll the dice
    Even #: yes

    If yes...While working on Witch is Witch over the next eighteen months, you grow close to your supporting male actor, Cornelius Brady Matthews. He is 32 years old, and he has brown hair and green eyes. He's sophisticated, interesting, and witty, as well as outgoing and makes you laugh. The tabloids pick up on your relationship and eat it up like candy. At the encouragement of your publicists, the two of you play up the romantic hype, as a way of advertising the movie's release. But by the time the movie premier has come and gone, you're no longer faking it. He's your boyfriend.

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