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    Your name is Jena Elise Nash and you've grown up in Malibu, California, the daughter of two celebrities. Your dad, Christian Edward Nash, is an Academy-award winning actor on a popular medical drama, "Grayson's Anatomy." Your mom, Melissa Elaine Nash, is an Oscar-winning movie actress who starred in three major motion pictures: "Marilyn," "The Swan" and "Scream 10." When you were ten, your parents divorced. You and your younger siblings, brother Bradley Ryan, and sister Whitney Paige, go to live with your mom while your dad, who has weekend visitation, moves in with his new girlfriend in Los Angeles.

    What does your mom's new house look like?

    From a young age, you've been interested in acting. You've gotten cameos on the movies and TV shows your parents were in, starting when you were six years old. You even played the role of a cancer patient at the age of nine on "Grayson's Anatomy." But your parents wanted you to have a normal childhood, without too much of the celebrity drama of Hollywood. When you turn thirteen, your joint birthday present from your parents is an acting agent, and she's the one that finds you your big break on a new TV show.

    How do you start your acting career?
    A: On a teen comedy-drama called "Life Less Ordinary". You play a friendly and good-natured teenage girl named Summer Blair Chase growing up in San Francisco, in an ordinary family with a mom, dad, and little brother. You have two best friends and you have a huge crush on your female best friend's older brother. Your character encounters every day typical adolescent issues, such as school, friends, boys, growing up, etc. as well as some more serious issues such as sex, drinking alcohol, teenage pregnancy, and bullying. The show lasts for ten years and ends when you are twenty-three years old, with your character moving to New York with her new husband to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter.

    When your show ends, you are now 23 and have made a good amount of money, as well as gotten yourself a good reputation as an actress. You've moved out of your mother's house and have bought your own home in Los Angeles. Your brother, Brad, is a singer-songwriter in San Diego and is engaged to Grace Potter. Your sister, Whitney, is a Victoria's Secret Angels supermodel in Malibu and is dating Joseph Gordon-Levitt. When you were fifteen, your mother remarried, Philip Douglas Steinem, the director of a romantic comedy movie she starred in when you were eleven. They adopted a little girl from China named Hannah Lei Steinem and a little boy from Africa named Tucker Zene Steinem. Your stepfather also has a son that's a year older than you from his previous marriage named Preston Michael Steinem. Your father never remarried but has lived the past ten or so years in a domestic relationship with his ex-model girlfriend, Callie Diana Rhodes, and has had two children with her: a boy named Eli Maxwell Nash and a girl named Aubrey Caroline Nash.

    Six months later, you audition for the leading role in two movies. Which one do you get?

    B: A horror and thriller R-rated movie called "Shadows". You play a woman, Jessica Shaffer, who witnesses her neighbor commit murder. She calls the police but they find no evidence of a killing and believe your character is either lying or imagined things, except for a savvy, handsome detective who recognizes the neighbor as a suspect in another murder he investigated several years before. Throughout the movie, the killer stalks and torments your character, forcing her to the near brink of insanity. At the end, your character saves herself and the detective by shooting the killer in self-defense with the detective's gun.

    To be continued....

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