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    I have a Buddhist friend and so I asked him for suggestions. He said:

    Name -- Meaning

    Pema -- Lotus
    Tenzin -- Protector of Dharma
    Charini -- disciple
    Tylanni --

    He also said you can look to the vocabulary or the history to find a name. I'll just copy it down as he sent it to me:

    Ananda -- Buddha’s friend, cousin, and favorite disciple, and the monk who remembered the Sutras.
    Asita -- the astrologer who predicts Buddha’s fate
    Citta -- basic mind or consciousness
    Dharma (dhamma) -- the teachings of the Buddha.
    Dhyana -- meditation.
    Indra -- a major deva, originally the Hindu sky god.
    Karma (kamma) -- intentional or willed act.
    Karuna -- compassion or mercy, the special kindness shown to those who suffer. One of the four brahma vihara.
    Maitri -- caring, loving kindness displayed to all you meet. One of the four brahma vihara.
    Marga -- the path, track. The eightfold noble path. Fourth noble truth.
    Metta -- Pali for Maitri.
    Samsara -- the wheel of cyclic existence, birth-life-suffering-death-rebirth...
    Satori -- Zen term for enlightenment. (I really like this one, it has the same meaning as Bodhi)
    Shila -- morality.
    Taras -- a set of 21 female saviors, born from Avalokiteshwara’s tears. Green Tara and White Tara are the best known.

    Do you like any of those? -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I think there are some Buddhist Girl names that don't sound too exotic.

    Tashi - Prosperity
    Nima - Sun
    Sonam - Beautiful
    Dohna - A female diety

    Or some Indian names.
    Maya - Illusion
    Salma - Peace
    Sabeena/Sabina - Beautiful
    Anita - Grace
    Asha - Hope
    Yasmin - Flower
    Leela - Divine Play
    Anya - Inexhaustible
    Madina - Land of beauty
    Panya - Admired, Excellent

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    I was going to suggest Lotus, but sko beat me to it. I met a toddler by that name this past summer. I've also known a blond haired, blue eyed girl (now an adult) by the name of Priyanka, a variation of Priya, which is so beautiful! And I'm planning on using the name Veda if my baby, due in May, is a girl. I'm white, hubby is black, so she would be somewhere in between, but certainly won't have east Indian features.

    Go with the name you love, and try not to worry what image people will have for a girl with that particular name. Once they meet your daughter they will have her as the association with it, and it won't matter what she looks like!!

    Other suggestions I like: Nima and Tenzin!!

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    Dharma & Bodhi. Perfect!

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