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    Surname as first name?


    My husband's maternal grandmother's last name was Whittier and I love it for a little boy.

    Is it too much? Our last name is Trethaway.

    Whittier Trethaway, Whit Trethaway.

    Also I'm having the hardest time with a middle name. I'd love to honor another family member, but the names there are scarce: Darold, Wayne, James, Albert...Thomas might work.

    Any thoughts?


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    I think Whittier Thomas Trethaway would sound very nice, if you think it's a bit much maybe something like Thomas Whit Trethaway?
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    I love it! I think it sounds great!

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    Thank you!

    My only reservation with Thomas is that if he doesn't like his first name he'd probably go by Tom and that doesn't work for me. Perhaps we'll have to forego the family connection and just pick a name we like...

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    The only problem with Whittier is he might be called Whit, which is what all girls named Whitney are called. Also, wittier means funnier...
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