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    This is fun, I had to do it twice!

    1. Rylie Stella
    2. Ellie Roselyn
    3. Adelyn Kelsey
    4. Justus Andrew
    5. Hallie Regina

    *Rylie, Ellie, Addie, Justus & Hallie*
    1. Samson Kingsley
    2. Annabella Whitney
    3. Liam Vincente
    4. Melody Tess
    5/6. Vanessa Brynn & Dominick Zain
    7. Evangeline Isla
    8. Daniella Raven
    9. Harrison Talan

    *Sam, Anna, Liam, Mel, Nessie, Nick, Evie, Ella & Harry*
    ♣ Alexander (Alec) ♣ Britton (Brit) ♣ Camden ♣ Grant ♣ Jonathan (Jem) ♣ Theodor (Theo) ♣

    ♥ Cassandra/Cassia (Cass) ♥ Isabelle (Belle) ♥ Jessamine (Jessa) ♥ Marina ♥ Regina (Ren) ♥

    ♠ Archer ♠ Arrow ♠ August ♠ Branch ♠ Blue ♠ Everest ♠ Grey ♠ Nile ♠ North ♠ Quill ♠ Reef ♠ Ridge ♠ Rye ♠ Storm ♠ Thames ♠ West ♠
    ♦ Abbey ♦ Bay ♦ Claire ♦ Coral ♦ Cove ♦ Ireland ♦ Ivy ♦ June ♦ Olive ♦ Rome ♦ Story ♦ True ♦ Wren ♦

    Mama to a kitty named Arion Blu

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    Girls: June Rosalie, Clio Genevieve, Mabel Juliet, Greer Vivienne, Iris Lucia, Margot Laura, Sylvie Maeve, Ingrid Scarlett, Florence Pearl, Lara Josephine

    Boys: Christopher David 'Kit', Maxwell Jude 'Max', Edward Stephen 'Teddy', Rex Kingston, Frederick Oscar 'Freddie', Gilbert Leo 'Gil', Gideon Felix, Hugo James, Tristan Josiah, Ivan George.

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    My 5 kids:

    1. Alexia Paige
    2. Cassidy Michelle
    3. Scott Marley
    4. Charlotte Kourtney
    5. Chandler Orion

    The results are decent. Like Charlotte, hate Kourtney. I like Chandler and Orion both, so that's a decent combo. Cassidy Michelle seems a bit dated, but nothing wrong with it. Alexia Paige I could DEFINITLEY see being used today. Frilly version of multiple popular names with a plain connector in the middle. Scott Marley's actually nice. I love the name Scott, however dated it may be, and Marley's cool as a middle.

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    1 Augustus Avery "Auggie" - Serious and quiet. Extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable. Well-organized and hard working.Can usually accomplish any task once he sets jis mind to it.

    2 Delilah Kailyn- Quiet and reserved; interested in how and why things work. Risk-taker who lives for the moment. Loyal. Being analytical, she excels at finding solutions to practical problems.

    3 Ashton Xander- Kind, and conscientious. Can be depended on to follow through. Usually puts the needs of others above his own needs. Stable and practical. Well-developed sense of humor.

    4 Anaya America- Sensitive and kind. Does not like conflict. Loyal and faithful. Has an aesthetic appreciation for beauty. Flexible and open-minded. Original and creative.

    5 Layne Colt- Original, and sensitive. Extremely intuitive about people, and concerned for their feelings. Well-respected. Individualistic, rather than a leader or follower.

    6 Skye Isis- Quiet, reflective, and idealistic. Interested in serving humanity. Extremely loyal. Adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. Talented writer. Mentally quick, and able to see possibilities. Interested in helping people.

    7 Sage Hanna- Independent, original, analytical, and determined. Long-range thinker. Has very high standards for her performance, and the performance of others. Natural leader.

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    1. Natasha Rylee - 9
    2 & 3. Micah Dwayne & Nicholas Carl - 7
    4. Amani Brookylnn (this is the worst!) - 4
    5. Julius Donald -3
    6. Keenan Jabari (another terrible one) - 1
    7. Isabella Alena - 2 months

    Ugh, I do not like some of those, but like with Amani, I picked it because the other option was Michael- and I'd already used Micah. Then I was stuck using Brooklynn as the mn. Wow. I like Natasha and Nicholas, as well as Julius. I really like Micah. Everything else...I am not really a fan of at all. Oh well. That was fun to play around with.

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