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    Dec 2009
    9 kids:
    1. Tessa Lilyanna
    2. Sean Cole
    3. Nyla Sonny
    4. Liana Journee
    5. Hanna Lacey
    6. Lexi Brice
    7. Anika Jaylene
    8. Alaina Britney
    9. Sofia Parker

    Well.... not really my style.

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    Mar 2012
    Going Again This is incredibly addicting

    5 kids:
    1. Bella Anastasia
    2. Audrey Liana
    3. Rory Ezequiel
    4. Cedric Rowan
    5. Bailey Isiah

    I'm glad I got to use Bailey on a boy. Same for Rory and Rowan. Isiah makes me want to vomit though, same for Ezequiel. Bella Ananstasia is COMPLETELY likely for a little girl today. That extremely girly and princess-like thing is very much in. Audrey Liana is quite pretty though, and Cedric Rowan is definitily something I would suggest, if not use myself!

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    Apr 2012
    This looks like a lot of fun. I got 3 the first time, so I did it again and got 7. I'm just going to put them all on the same post:

    1. Duncan Jake
    2. Celia Lauren
    3. Ashton Blake
    4. Ramon Reese
    5. Efrain Clinton
    6. Athena Ayana
    7. Braylon Branden
    8. Walter Jayvion
    9. Jasper Joe
    10. Tyrone Fletcher

    It was literally painful to choose between Braylon & Jayda, Tyrone & Jocelynn, Jayvion & Caydence. Another thing I hated was the weird alliterations. How did I end up with Ramon Reese, Athena Ayana, Braylon Branden, & Jasper Joe?

    Anyway, one the bright side, I like Fletcher, Jasper, Walter, & Athena quite a bit, but not enough to help this sibset.

    I'll have to try this again sometime and hope for better results.

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    Apr 2012
    1. G: Tatum Janet
    2. G: Aliyah Mary
    3. G/B: Justice Briley, Jared Kameron
    4. B: River Dakota
    5. G: Cassandra Aileen

    This was really fun
    Current Favorites:
    Alouette (Allie), Belle, Clover, Elizabeth (Ellie, Libby, Eliza), Oscen
    Abraham (Bram), Beauregard (Beau), Ezekiel (Zeke), Phineas (Finn), Tate

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    Mar 2012
    Paisley Adyson
    Eleanor Iris & Seth Holden (These both have 165/316)
    Kellan Donte
    Virginia Madyson
    Solomon Silas

    I loved Eleanor Iris, Seth Holden, & Solomon Silas! In fact, I added both Eleanor Iris & Seth Holden to my list. My first baby's name was quite unfortunate, but I didn't have much of a choice. Virginia is also a lovely name, but her middle name is horrific as well. Madyson makes me cringe. Kellan Donte is decent, but I wouldn't use it. I prefer Kendall Donovan

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