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    Last name dilemma...

    Okay, so we're back to the drawing board with boys names.
    I like Samuel (Sam) and Oliver. DH isn't sold on either yet. The only names we both really like are:


    However, our last name is Low. Do you think either of these names go with our last name?

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    I think Cole and Noah both sound a little weird with the last name Low because of the long O sound in both names.

    How about Colton Low. It doesn't have the same problem because of the TON at the end to break up with O sounds, and you could still call him Cole as a nickname. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I think Noah Low sounds fine. Don't really care for Cole Low as the L's run together.

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    Im not sure I like either Cole or Noah with Low. Too much O sound. I have found that three syllable names sound best with short middle names or last names, like your other favorites Samuel and Oliver. My favorite is Oliver Low. So cute!

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