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    Honest opinions on Hawk

    So Hubby and I are going round and round with picking a middle name for "Lincoln" He want's his dad's name "Rex" and I want my maiden name "Freeman".
    Last night after much discussion I expressed that I'd like to have something from my side for him to carry on which lead to the fact that my mom didn't give my brother anything from her side of the family ect..
    Which brought us to my mom's maiden name "Hawkins". My Grandpa has passed on and he has no Grandsons or Great Grandsons with that last name. So my hubby mentioned "Hawk" as a middle name to honor him.
    I don't hate it. But I would love to hear your honest thoughts on this name. It's very nature-ish so that makes me hesitant. Thanks so much.

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    I think Hawk would be a lovely MN. It might be too much for a FN but as an MN I think it would be fine and a great way to honor your grandfather in a unique way

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    I like Hawk, and I think it works. Why are you shortening it though? Hawkins works as a middle name too.

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    Lincoln Hawk is an awesome name! Hawk is a very cool masculine name and it's perfect in the middle. I also like it as a first name. Go with it!

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    I love Hawk it just sounds cool and has awesome family meaning for you guys!

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