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    Just remembered this one - One of the characters on the show "Pushing Daisies" was named Charlotte but went by Chuck. It's out there but it's kind of cool too.
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    I really like the nickname Chuck for Charlotte. It reminds me of Chuck from "Pushing Daisies". I also like Cat but it is a little difficult to get to.

    Also: Lotte (LAH-tah), Harlo (cHARLOtte), Lo, Lola

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    Carly? Carrie? I can't think of anymore that wouldn't be too much of a stretch.
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    Lola is a stretch but works for me by way of the -lo- sequence.

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    I was considering Charlotte for my daughter and was going to give her a family middle name that started with C to then call her CC or "cece". I've also heard the nicknames "chat" or "cha cha" although I don't like either of those very much. I like your ideas of Carly or Callie. In my will get to choose the nickname and won't really have to explain it as long as your child responds to it and identifies it as their name. many other berries pointed out to me...part of Charlotte's appeal is its simple elegance and perhaps it actually doesn't need a nickname to preserve that inherent simplicity. Best of luck!!

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