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    A Sister for Isla?

    Hi! My first daughter is Isla Elizabeth; I'm looking for a name for her sister. MN will almost certainly be Caroline. Thoughts on these / suggestions?


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    Lydia Caroline or Juliet Caroline would be my picks. I think Lydia and Juliet would complement Isla wonderfully. Both are similar in feel but have their own distinct sound.

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    I love so many of these!

    Lydia Caroline - so sweet, but it is very reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice to me. Not that that's a problem, but as I remember it, Lydia was petulant and Caroline was cruel... maybe not the best characters. Still, it's a very pretty combo, and I love the nn Lydie.

    Violet Caroline - this is probably my favorite! Violet is one of my personal favorites (Violet Carolina used to be my combo, actually!), and I think Violet Caroline is so sweet and lovely. Isla and Violet are very pretty together. Love.

    Eloise Caroline - I've never been a huge fan of Eloise--mainly because of personal associations--but it is nice. I like the nns Ella and Lola.

    Alice Caroline - sweet. I love Alice, and Alice Caroline is adorable. Probably my second choice.

    Hallie Caroline - Hallie is cute, but feels a bit dated/boring to me next to the lively, sweet, refreshing Isla.

    Beatrice Caroline - I've never been a fan of Beatrice, sorry, and I don't really like it next to Isla for some reason. Isla and Bea is pretty cute, though. Beatrice Caroline feels really long to me, too, for some reason.

    Lottie Caroline - LOVE Lottie, and I usually prefer it as a nn for Charlotte, but Charlotte Caroline feels long and quite redundant to me (as both are feminine forms of Charles). I would love to vote for this, but Lottie is still too nicknamey for me. :*(

    Juliet Caroline - sweet. I like Juliet, but don't love it, though. Still, I really like this combo.

    Lily Caroline - so sweet and adorable. It reminds me of Lila Caroline, which used to be a huge favorite of mine. The only reason this isn't my second favorite is that Isla is a lot less common than Lily--would that bother you? Still, I prefer Lillian Caroline to just Lily Caroline, but that's just me. Third choice.

    What about Penelope Caroline, Verity Caroline, Jane Caroline, Felicity Caroline, Anna Caroline, Olivia Caroline (really popular, even more so than Lily, but I love this next to Isla Elizabeth... Olive Caroline, maybe?), Pippa Caroline (or Philippa?), Annabel Caroline, Julia Caroline, Bryony Caroline, or Daphne Caroline?

    Good luck!
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    Lydia Caroline then Lottie Caroline would be my vote

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    Lydia - Really pretty and would sound great with Isla
    Violet - I LOVE this name, but I think it feels too close to Isla
    Eloise - Cute!
    Alice - Classic and beautiful
    Hallie - Not my style, to be honest.
    Beatrice - This could be a good match with Isla
    Lottie - Super-cute!
    Juliet - Probably my favorite from your list. It would be a great match for Isla.
    Lily - This one is okay, but it's not my favorite
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