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    My vote goes to Oliver, but I almost picked Simon.

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    My vote to Henry, that's the one that struck me as rolling off my tongue with the other kids. Though I also love Simon (my son's name!) and Oliver (#2's name if it's a boy!) with your other names.

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    James, Noah, Lucy, and Henry.

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    Ooooh, so HARD! I think pretty much all of them go perfectly with James, Noah, and Lucy. If I had to pick just one... Caleb. I think James, Noah, Lucy, and Caleb are perfect together.

    I also love Adam, Samuel, Isaac, Seth, Silas, Henry, and Elias with your children, too, though!
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    Close call but since you only want one...Paul. It's not my favorite on it's own but I really think it fits perfectly.
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