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    Nicknames for Gabriel

    I am having a son in march.
    One of the few names my husband and I both really like is Gabriel, but we both hate the shortened version of it; Gabe.
    I started playing around with the name and came up with Gale. My husband thinks of it as a girls name, but I don't agree in the least bit. What do you guys think?

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    I think it's inevitable that people will call him Gabe if he's named Gabriel... but you can try to exert your influence by using another nickname. Gale, to me, is masculine because of the spelling... I think of Gale from The Hunger Games. or gale-force winds. of course there is the feminine version Gail, but I think at least when it's in writing it should hopefully be obvious. I guess someone just saying the name could assume it's a female.
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    I think Gale works as a nickname . . . It also makes me think of the character from The Hunger Games! However, I think your best bet would be to go with no nickname, and encourage the use of the full name Gabriel. My husband's name is Gabriel, and he has never liked Gabe. Of course, people shortened it a lot when he was younger . . . But as people learned that he prefers Gabriel, most have made adjustments. He makes no issue when people call him Gabe . . . even though it annoys me ! (Just one of my "name" peeves . . . I like nicknames . . . But if someone introduces themself as Gabriel, why do people think they can just rename them "Gabe"! Thanks for letting me rant )

    On the flip side . . . I suppose you need to consider, that if your son decides when he's older that he prefers the nickname Gabe, are you okay with it?

    Good luck!

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    I've only known women named Gail/Gayle so it doesn't really strike me as a super masculine name, but honestly, I like a lot of not-super-masculine-names on boys (like Mackenzie, Holly, Garnet, Darcy) and I think that Gale would be fine. It's kind of avian, and I feel like, for the most part, noun-names are fair game.
    I love Gabi as a nickname to Gabriel (also not super masculine, haha.)
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