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  • Godric

    26 60.47%
  • Salazar

    17 39.53%
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    Godric and Salazar

    These names are from a certain little book series I love.

    Are they usable? Which one do you prefer?
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    Ha at first I thought you were suggesting this as a sib set :P I vote for Salazar, I feel it's a little more friendly and has the cool, laid back nn of Sal. While on the other hand Godric sounds cool but I'd be afraid of people shortening it to God! though Rick could also be a nickname.
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    I voted for Godric, but I like them both. And sure, I think they're usable. I like quirky names, though
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    Harry Potter fan? I think Salazar is slightly more usable than Godric, but neither strike me as particularly wearable.

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    Godric and Salazar sound like opponents in the Crusades. They sound cool, but I can't imagine either one written in sharpie pen on a lunch box.

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