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    Other than names more akin to a typical episode of Toddlers and Tiaras, I can't picture a woman named:

    Holly (and sadly, Breakfast at Tiffany's didn't change that for me, even though I really like that movie)
    Macy (I know a 10-year-old girl named this, so that could be why)
    Lolita (but possibly Loleta)
    Jessie (not so much this one. I can't picture it on anyone above the age of 30)

    I also would find it very difficult to take, say, a lawyer seriously if she had an ultra-whimsical name like Breeze, Lyric, or Passion.
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    My mother's name is Teresa and because of that, I'll never be able to see it on a little girl. Same with Donna or Lisa or Linda or anything like that.
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    There was some discussion of Melissa, which I can see on an adult, but there was a girl who rode my school bus who had that name but went by the nn Missy. She'd have to be about 30 now, so I really hope she's not still called Missy.

    Also, someone said -ie names, but I find those in general more acceptable than -i or -ee names. For instance, I can see Jamie on an adult much easier than Mandee or Brandi.

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    Penelope. I know that its all the rage now, but I just can't see it on a grown woman.
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