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    Quote Originally Posted by ssister View Post
    Wow, I have to laugh at the overthinking of this entire concept. The name of someone is always taken over by their personality. Grandma Brandi will be in the Grandchild's mind their Grandma Brandi. There's nothing funny about that.
    I find it pretty amusing that one day there will be Grandma's and Grandpa's with ridiculously trendy and obscene names, I'm not laughing at the person or saying that a person doesn't make the name but to me it will be odd. It will seem perfectly normal when the new generation of little ones are older.
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    Too many names to mention tbh ... frightenly enough, so many of todays most popular would make me cringe to hear on a grown-up.
    Nicknames of all sorts, even sane ones like Alfie, Freddie, Harry, Archie, Charlie, Daisy, Pippa, Dolly and Rosie. I just don't think I'd be able to take Judge Rosie __________ or President Archie __________ serious.
    Then there are those Peyton, Makayla, Jayden, Rylie kind of names which I personally think sounds absolutely ridiculous (on both children and grow-ups, but mainly on grown-ups).
    Then there are the whacky ones like Apple, Pilot and Jupiter Sun-Stone-and-Rainbow Brian (overestimating, but you know what I mean ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by tressa View Post
    Daisy. I love the idea of a little girl named Daisy, but really dislike the idea of an adult one.
    I know a very artistic & funny adult Daisy if that helps. She also runs an art therapy program & is very successful.

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    Honestly as all of the Masons & Lolas age so will our perception of these names.

    I wouldn't use something like Colby or Kirby because they sound juvenile o me so I get the concept and all..

    But I think in 40 years Alexis, Ashley. Emily, Kayla & Caitlyn will sound like Barbara, Debra, Susan, Theresa, ect to the younger generation

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    All of the cutesy, nickname-names: Ellie, Kaylee (and Jaylee, Braylee, and whatever other kreeativ variations are in vogue), Hailey, Miley, Kylie, Riley (avoid anything -iley or -aley, pretty much), Kelsey, and even Emily (I always do a double take when I meet a grown woman with this name).

    Anything with a -leigh ending instead of -lie or -ly.

    And...*shudder* boys names on girls.
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