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    I'm a Melissa, and I'm WAY older than 23! Along with Amy, Melissa was a hip name in the late 60's where I grew up in Texas. Come to think of it, I'm named after a great-grandmother whose father was a Confederate cavalryman, so it's a pretty old name. But anyway, this question of names that don't age well made me laugh because I was trying to imagine a little kid saying, "Grandma Brandi? Can I have a cookie?" LOL!
    I live in the UK and have only met one Melissa, granted being 23 I still have time to meet more. It's more of an 80's name than a 60's name here...I think. Or maybe it's just less common Wales.
    I do like the name (it means honey bee doesn't it?),I suppose I just see the Melissa I know when I think of the name.(far too many I's in there sorry!).

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