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    Names similar to River?

    I love the name River and have done for years since my friend considered it for her son. I hope for it to be the name of my first son (not expecting or anything, just exploring). I love that it's strong and simple. It's not too crazy that he will always be known as the kid with the "weird" name at school, yet it's not average enough to just blend right in. It's not too manly (i love it on a girl also, to be honest) yet it isn't feminine enough to make people raise an eyebrow. I just love it. It's just overtaken Reuben as my favourite boys name choice, as Reuben seems to be growing in popularity here in the UK.

    But for all the reasons I love River, I cannot find any other boys or girls names that I feel fit the same, or that I love as much. The rest of my list of fave names have all been discounted for a collection of reasons, even though I love them all

    Theodore, Felix, Dexter, Maxwell, Levi, Reuben etc. have been discounted because they are becoming too trendy/common here and so they've lost their spark to me.

    Petal, Aspen, Clover, Lake, Wolf, Harbor and Winter have been discounted for their nature themes (i would not want to start a trend, and River will always be number 1) even though I love a lot of nature names for boys and girls. (although, Winter is my fave girls name so its hard to let that go)

    Cash, Beau, Jett, Tate and Eden etc. get discounted because they're too trendy.

    Then i have a couple of "out-there" names that I love like Zephyr, Arizona Tuesday, Aurora, Indigo, Indiana, London, Scout and Arrow, that I adore but wouldn't ever use as I want that "perfect" balance that River has to me.

    What would be your suggestions for this? Really im just looking for new names ive never considered before
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