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    You're an actress! - Life game PART 2

    Part One:


    It's been three years since you returned to your home country, and your son is three years old. Whether or not ALR wanted to be involved in his son's life in the beginning, you two chat occasionally, and every summer you fly out for two weeks with your son to ALR's home country (where?). That's as far as the contact goes.

    In the past three years since giving birth, you've only been doing cameos, but now that your son is a little bit older, you've taken your first major role since the historical movie.
    Use the die:
    1. A medical tv show where you play an intern
    2. A sitcom tv show
    3. A romantic comedy type of movie
    4. Another historical movie
    5. A horror movie
    6. A fantasy/supernatural tv show

    While filming your very first scene, you meet the attractive male star, [First initial= V,R,S,L,M,O,I,T // Middle initial= S, T, Q, W, M, C // Surname= your choice]. He's 27, two years old than you, and broke up with his movie star wife (you decide name and age) six months before. You two hit it off immediately, and pretty soon you two are dating. He has a four year old son from his marriage, named (you decide). After a few months of dating, your son and his are best friends.
    The movie/show isn't a huge success critically, but gets good ratings from the people watching it.

    When you're 27 and he's 29, after two years of dating, he proposes!

    How he does it: Use the dice.
    1. Putting a ring into your champagne while out to dinner at a posh restaurant.
    2. He makes and then has the the boys deliver you breakfast in bed, with the words "will you marry me" spelled out with the food.
    3. He pops the question while you and the children are on vacation in Paris.
    4. On your birthday he "forgets" to give you one present, but "remembers" later on and gives you a ring.
    5. While you two are cuddling on the couch, watching tv, he brings out the ring box.
    6. You decide

    You decide to marry on the 7, 15, or 29 of [month; you decide]. The paparazzi soon discovers your ring, and suddenly every tabloid is about you two!

    The day finally comes.
    Your dress: Use the die
    4. Your choice (post a link to it!)

    The wedding is: You decide.
    1. A lavish affair, with 350+ guests, including many high profile celebrities.
    2. A small, family and close friends wedding.
    3. A mid-size wedding with family, both close and somewhat distant, and celebrity friends.
    4. An extremely small but beautiful wedding, just you two, the boys, and two witnesses.

    Your honeymoon is: Your choice
    1. In Europe, anywhere.
    2. In Oceania.
    3. In Asia.
    4. In Central & South America.
    5. In North America.
    6. In Africa.

    A month after returning from your honeymoon, you begin working on a new film. What genre?
    Halfway through filming, you begin to feel queasy. Your mind instantly goes to pregnancy, and sure enough you're pregnant! You manage to finish filming before the baby bump becomes too prominent.
    After what feels like a marathon pregnancy, you give birth. The baby is a (even= girl, odd= boy). Her initials are CLV (and then surname). She looks like you, except with her father's eyes.

    Part 3 coming up soon, hopefully tomorrow. More babies next round.

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