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    Does "Theo" work by itself or does it need a more formal name?

    Curious on people's thoughts around this. We are not huge fans of nicknames, so not sure if the longer "Theodore" appeals to us, but there's something about the name Theo that feels simple and sounds appealing.

    We did not choose a more formal name for our current daughter, Lucy, but not sure if Theo fits into a different category. i.e. Lucy seems to be a classic name on its own, or else could also be a nn for Lucinda, Lucille, etc... Not sure how classic and stand-alone Theo can be.... or even what category Theo fits into - - classic? trendy? modern? vintage? biblical? Name means 'divine gift'????


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    A lot of people seem to love just Theo, but it's not really for me. I really like Theodore, but I've never been a huge fan of Theo... I can't really pinpoint why. I like that a Theodore would have options between Theodore, Ted, Teddy, and Theo, if he wanted. I'm not sure how to classify it... my first thought was hipster, but I think it has a funky vintage/classic sort of appeal, as well.
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    i think theo's used on its own in french. if leo can be just leo then why not theo? i don't care for theodore either...

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    as for the category, it seems like a name that would be used by urban parents, its on the trendy side but not so much that it would be #1 soon or seem dated later. it also has a slight vintage feeling
    i wouldnt worry about it being too short or nicknamy... think of how common these names are right now: leo, gia, mia, lola, kai, jack, harry,.
    the only thing is you could definitely use a longer, more "traditional" middle name if you want the name to be more formal overall..

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    I think Theo sounds fine on it's own, just like Leo does. -- My Amazon Author Page

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