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    I have found out with every one of mine. I am just way to OCD not to, LOL! I like to have coming home outfits, and nurseries ready... not to mention names picked out
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    With our first (a girl) we found out. I just felt that I couldn't wait and we found out the first chance we got. I don't regret it and it was still exciting, but we still bought all gender neutral baby gear anyway to be practical (and decorated her room in a Dr. Seuss theme, nothing girly). I think it's silly to think you NEED to find out to "prepare". A baby doesn't need all pink or blue stuff. You can always get some gender neutral newborn clothing and then buy more gender specific after he/she is born (or I'm sure you will receive a lot as gifts too).

    This time around we are not finding out. I'm 31 weeks and it's been so much fun not knowing! We have all our gender neutral gear leftover from our daughter, and we have all of her clothes saved for if it's a girl. I've been having fun building a (very inexpensive) stash of baby boy clothes from the thrift store and garage sales to be prepared in case it's a boy. It's fun not knowing and I can't wait to find out after all the hard work of labor and delivery. I feel like that's even more motivation to get through it. I also can't wait to call all our family and friends and announce the sex AND the name in one shot

    Again, it was fun finding out with my daughter (we went to one of those 3-D ultrasound places and they made it a very memorable experience) but I think I'm enjoying this time around even more, and I would totally recommend waiting!

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