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    I would love for it to be a surprise, but alas, I think it is more sensible to find out because you can prepare for the baby better that way: you can decorate the baby's room, buy gender appropriate clothing, buy baby's toys, and really focus on picking the right name rather than picking one for each gender!
    I agree with this. I found out on both my girls but our next potential baby will hopefully be a surprise. We'll see!
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    I do not want to know - I only have to wait until the end of this month (EDD January 28th) to find out and I think the surprise makes the pregnancy more exciting for me, especially given what I've been through over the past few months. The nursery is an off-white colour with the cot matching and the blankets will be white and the baby mobile will feature multi-coloured stars (my Nanny made it and painted it for her GG; how sweet is that?).

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    I want a surprise! I never understood why you couldn't buy gender-specific things even though you didn't know the gender. I would still buy cute little girl stuff or a handsome hat, but I plan on having more then one and even if I did have all boy or girls I could still just give the clothes to someone who needs them.
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    I want it to be a surprise. Ultrasounds are wonderful for knowing that baby is healthy and developing normally, but I don't want to see my baby before he/she arrives. That just takes all of the fun out of it if you ask me!

    I also prefer a gender neutral nursery, that way the same items can be recycled for the next baby. I feel the same way about clothes, although I'd buy gender specific clothing after baby grows out of the newborn clothing. I know that if I told my family the gender ahead of time, I'd get mountains of pink for a girl and mountains of camo for a boy. Not my style.
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    We (or I) decided for the first one, not to find out the sex. We ended up having a difficult labor ending in an emergency cesarean under general anesthesia, and so my Husband couldn't be in the operating room and I was unconscious for the delivery. At that point all my Husband cared about was whether we were both ok. So we never had that blissful moment of finding out the sex. The pros though were that everything was gender neutral and could be used for a boy if we ever had one. The cons with neutral clothing is that unless your baby girl is in pink, everyone will assume she's a boy, that may or may not bother you.

    For our second child, I had a different perspective based on the the first experience. I knew if I found out at the ultrasound, that my Husband, Daughter and I could find out together, and it would be special for the three of us. Also our 4 year old would be so happy to be able to tell everyone she was having a little sister/brother. The ultrasound isn't always accurate though and our little one was so active and refused to open her legs until the very end of the ultrasound, and then the tech said "I'm pretty sure it's a girl". A second later she was able to get a better look and confirmed it. So that was our Blissful moment as a little family all together and conscious!

    I don't regret either decision though and think that waiting to find out at least on the first one is best, although having the patience is so hard!

    As far as letting Family or Friends know, we did something fun to let my Parents know the sex, based loosely on the Gender Reveal parties that are becoming popular. I had told my Mom that I wasn't finding out the sex until a few days after the real date (this was an honest mistake, but I used it to my advantage). I had pre arranged to have the bakery make a cake and then I called them as soon as I found out and had them decorate it with pink polka dots and the word "GIRL" in the center of it. I live a few hours from them, so I had my Sister pick it up and bring it to them. I guess it took a few seconds to figure out what was going on, but they were super excited when it clicked!
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