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    I will definitely find out the gender of my babies mainly because I don't like secrets.

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    i prefer to find out. On top of not having a wardrobe full of yellows and light greens, I find I make more of a connection in talking to my baby when I know the sex. We can decide on a name and a theme and when I talk to my belly-my baby can start to hear their name.
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    I will come back and agree with saracita...Neutral is a good way to go - white, yellow, green, etc -- and it's not like you can't put blue on a girl. I would get neutral stuff anyway and wouldn't tell anyone, because I would want it to be a surprise for everyone!

    And, I'll support the "my friend bought a lot of pink then ended up with a boy" because my mom thought i was a boy until the day I was born. The doctor told her i was a boy and was surprised himself!

    I'd still want to know though, if only for talking to my baby and whatnot. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Thank you everyone! I'm 18 weeks and my doctor said I can come in next week to find out. I think we're gonna do what some of you suggested, which is find out the gender but keep it a secret from everyone else!
    And I think we'll keep our name choice secret from friends and family, too! It's more fun that way .

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    I know people who've found out but kept it a secret, same with the name. I think that it's a nice middle ground.

    Personally, for my first at least, I intend to keep it a surprise. Same with my name choices. I don't need the negative weigh ins of everyone else on my name selections, but I do intend on getting LOTS of input and advice from the internet. Lol. And perhaps a few very very close people. I also am not a fan of the ultrasound technology, apparently it's also used to break down tissues, and to me, it doesn't seem very smart to be putting technology that can break down tissues on a developing mass of tissues. But that's just me!

    My mother's friend recently had twin girls, after having 5 boys. She kept it a surprise, their sex, until they were born. And even then, she had people come to see her before she said what she had. She even kept the fact that she was pregnant with twins a secret from most people except a handful of close confidants. It was nice going to see her and then finding out that she had girls (finally). People would joke around saying she wasn't capable of having girls,but she proved them wrong. Twice. Lol.
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