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    I would want to know. I would want to be able to prepare as best I could for when the baby arrived, which means buying gender specific things. I would want to talk to my baby and address it by a name and what not. I can definitely see the plus in waiting and having that special moment where you find out the gender, but I would want to have everything as ready as possible so I wouldn't have any stress by the end of the pregnancy and could meet my baby without thinking, "Now I have to go shopping for this, and this, and this because now I know the gender." -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I personally would want to find out but I wouldn't tell ANYONE other than my husband so it would still be a surprise for everyone

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    Wow, really surprised by how many of you would find out. I waited for a surprise with my son. It was so exiciting when he was delivered, and the doctors etc, got my husband to give me the news that it was a boy. I will definitely not find out the sex with any future bubs, except maybe if I got pregnant with multiples.

    There is definitely no need to gender-ise the nursery or clothing. Babies do not have to be surrounded entirely by things that denote their gender. We got plenty of boy clothes as gifts after he was born, and had lots of yellow and white clothes ready for his arrival (incidentally much easier to wash than coloured clothes as they don't fade so much).

    As for names, I think there is definitely merit in choosing a boy name and a girl name. That way you think more carefully about what names you may be giving up, if you use a name. For example, if you find out you are having a girl, and are deciding between Millie and Vivienne, you may not have realised at that time, that your favourite boy name would have been Miles, and will be ruled out by using Millie.

    I think not knowing the gender also makes it more exiciting for family/friends when bubs arrives, especially if you go to the hospital with the final name picked.

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    Honestly for first babies I think it's best to get neutral clothes and things. This is the time when people usually throw showers and give you gifts. It would be terrible for someone to buy you something like a really nice PINK high chair that you would then have to use for all your other babies because it was too nice to get rid of. If you do decide to find out, don't tell anybody until after all your showers!! I have a really great collection of nice white and yellow baby clothes that I can use no matter what and it's so nice.

    You can also do the "neutral" nursery without it being boring. I did Peter Rabbit and other Beatrix Potter characters for my first, with different pastel colors. And then when baby showed up everybody went nuts getting BOY stuff for him. It's easy to fill in pink or blue accent colors later on if you do "neutral." Really.

    For our second baby it was driving my husband insane not knowing so I said it was okay to find out. Good thing because our SON was unmistakably male from the very first shot we got of him on the ultrasound. On the other hand I know of a couple who were told their first was a girl and they went crazy on pink -- and then WILLIAM was born. Uh oh. As good as ultrasound technology has gotten, those things really are not 100%!

    This time we decided to find out -- mostly because our older kids were SO EXCITED about having a baby sister. Guess what folks? It's a brother. I'm glad we found out so our family could prepare that way.

    I guess what I'm saying is the first time is probably the best for waiting to find out. Your family is less complicated, and there are some definite benefits to getting setup with "neutral" baby gear, especially if you're planning to have multiple kids.

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    I would probably try to wait until the baby was born, and get gender-neutral things to use for subsequent babies. Besides, what happens if you get a shy baby? Or, like saracita00 mentioned, what if the ultrasound tech makes an honest mistake and what was thought to be boy parts turns out to be the umbilical cord?
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