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    Challenge: Baby sister for Cecilia-game

    I thought I'd take a new approach since we're kind of in a rut with names and make this into a bit of a game. Our first daughter is Cecilia Josephine. Her name is perfect for her and now we're looking for a matching name for her sister who will be arriving in 47 days through the miracle of adoption. Here are my parameters, maybe YOU can expand our name choices:

    1. Name must be from 1900-1920 and have faded away. It should be in the #200 to #800 popularity range in the early 1900's (so not too popular in the past). It's ok if it's resurging now (as many names are) but no higher than #200 on SSI please!

    2. We're trying to match using the "ah" sound at the end of the first name. We don't want it to be too matchy (Aurelia vs Cecilia).

    3. Cecilia Josephine is named for two of her grandmothers. We love both their names. Her other two grandmothers were Eva and Marie, but we don't really care for either name. A nod to either would be great though. Other family names include Mariana, Isabella (too over used) and Inez.

    4. Name has to have lots of nickname choices both girly and tomboyish. For Cecilia, her nicknames range from CeCe, Celia, Ceil, Jo, Josie, CJ, so lots of choices... Right now she's calling herself LaLa which is cute for an 18 month old, but she'll probably outgrow.

    5. Possibly has a song associated? Cecilia has a great song associated with her name. It would be so cool if we could find a name that also has a great song.

    6. Translates into many cultures. Cecilia has Italian and Latina heritage and we wanted a name that would transcend many cultures and languages and sound great in all of them. This baby will have Asian, black and Native heritage, if that helps.

    I haven't found any names that meet all the parameters, but we have two that are kind of close that I can share after getting suggestions. I don't want to bias anyone!

    Thanks for your help!
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    I think there are a few that are close -- I don't have time to go through them all now but these caught my eye.

    Letitia - I'm not sure how well this translates (I think the Italian is Letizia) but it just goes so well with Cecilia! It's also lacking a song association. I love Lettie as a nickname.

    Delilah - Might meet all of your criteria except it's at 187 and rising.

    Felicia - Fits with Cecilia. There are a couple of Felicia's out there in song but neither are classics. Could use tomboy nickname Flick or girly Licia, Liss or Fliss.

    Martina - No famous song but there are the nicknames Marty, Tina or Mina. Could honour Marie. Should translate really well and fits your popularity criteria.
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    I thought of Leticia last night as I was falling asleep. I'm going to have to put it on the list!

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