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    Things have been going surprisingly well with Harry. Your children are growing up
    together, under one roof. Little Seraphina is 2 and
    into everything. Lily and Jade are 8, & Austen is 7. You quite enjoy the mayhem 4 kids
    bring. You decide Harry is nothing like
    Zachary, and you’re certain you’d say
    yes if he ever asked you to marry him.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to wait long. A week
    later, he proposes and you’re engaged. You both
    agree that you’d like to spend more money on the
    honeymoon than the wedding, so you get married 2
    months later in the court, with only a few close
    friends and family members present. Harry’s
    parents agree to watch the kids while you are
    whisked away on your honeymoon to Spain.

    While on your honeymoon, you tell Harrison
    you’d like more children. He agrees and says only if
    you agree to become a stay at home mom. You
    quickly agree, so the two of you begin trying right
    away. When you return home, you put in your 2
    weeks notice and right after your last day of work,
    you find out you’re pregnant. Harry is ecstatic
    and says he gets to name the boy(s) and you can
    name the girl(s). 9 months later, you give birth to
    boy-girl twins.

    Jade, Lily and little Sera are excited for another little sister, and Austen is completely ecstatic to have a brother.
    The twins are Vincent Orion Russell & Aurora Verity Russell. "Vincent and Rory"

    When the twins are 2, you try to conceive again, but
    are unsuccessful. After a full year, you decided to
    do in vitro. You instantly get pregnant with
    QUINTUPLETS! They are G-B-B-B-B triplets.
    Their names:
    Felicity Willow Russell
    Charles Matthew Russell
    Horatio Salem Russell
    Thane Emerson Russell
    Draven Lucius Russell

    After having quintuplets and having your hands
    insanely full, you and Harry decide you’re
    done. But when the quints are 5, you’re itching for
    another young one. You’re not sure if you can
    handle the sleepless nights again (especially after
    quints), so you and Harry decide to adopt.

    We adopt a boy from Mexico, Gustavo Nathaniel Russell.

    Our family:

    Me: Melodia Astrid Russell-Finley, 32
    DH: Harrison Lucas Russell, 35

    Jade Sophia Finley, 16
    Lilian Francesca Russell, 16
    Austen Eliot Finley, 15
    Seraphina Margaret Russell, 10
    Vincent Orion Russell, 7
    Aurora Verity Russell, 7
    Felicity Willow Russell, 5
    Charles Matthew Russell, 5
    Horatio Salem Russell, 5
    Thane Emerson Russell, 5
    Draven Lucius Russell, 5
    Gustavo Nathaniel Russell, 7 months
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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