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Thread: The year 3000

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    The year 3000

    OK, today I want to try something diefferent. I'm going to be setting this BNG in a human-settled country on the planet Kostata (Rigel-3) in the year 3000. I'll describe its inhabitants, both human and non-, and you give me their names.

    The name of the country: _____.

    The president of the colony, a ligjt-skinned man with grey hair and brown eyes who is 280 years old. He stays fit by playing the local sports.

    A 75-year-old father with black hair like a sea urchin, tan skin and moustache, who has a large family. He's a stay-at-home husband, but nobody tells him he should be a breadwinner instead.

    His 66-year-old wife, with curly black hair and tan skin, who works every day at the temple of a New Age religious group and raises their kids.

    The couple's 16-year-old daughter, a girl with a black ponytail and brown eyes who loves mangosteen pizza and blazmudrah, a dish from Betelgeuse. Every day she teleports to see her friends.

    The 16-year-old girl's first friend, a 15-year-old girl with frizzy brown hair and brown skin and eyes whom she has known since they were both 2 and on their first learning module together. She gossips about hot boys with the 16-year-old.

    A 17-year-old boy with straight black hair and sallow skin, who is another friend of the couple's 16-year-old faughter. He skateboards to the Blazmudrah Diner with his friends everyday.

    The couple's 12-year-old fraternal triplet sons, who all have wavy black hair, hazel eyes, and tan skin. The dirst plays soccer, the second plays the trendy new sport of crushball, and the third plays olito, a sport from Altair.

    The couple's 9-year-old daughter, who has a brown ponytail, brown eyes and freckled skin. She likes to play rough in the mud and catch native bugs in her net.

    The couple's 3-year-old son, a tan-skinned child with brown eyes and a bald head, who eats native worms off the ground when he plays outside. His parents had to take him to a hospital once after he got sick from ingesting the two-headed worm Gastricola bicephala.

    The family's pet, a creature native to the planet with fluorescent green, shaggy fur and a head shaped like a football. It has two legs and two arms. It likes to play catch.

    A 17-year-old boy with messy brown hair, blue eyes and freckles who is the lead singer of the extremely successful zam band Eyes Closed. He performs onstage in a white dress shirt with a breast pocket on the left.

    A 16-year-old girl pop star with a blonde ponytail and brown eyes, who wears metallic outfits of a futuristic sort and sings songs that sparkle and shine.

    A Grey alien from 20 Leonis Minoris who is a spiritual leader for the local temple. He is a peaceful man of 173 years.

    A beautiful uplifted female swan with white feathers, who can speak English.

    A 25-year-old boy with dark skin, red hair and green eyes who grows a soul patch. He programs video games and listens to the music projector in his basement all day while snacking on papaya quesadillas when hungry and sipping the juice of the local jinya fruit when thirsty.

    A 44-year-old blonde woman with hazel eyes who is a scientist-doctor-teacher. She wears her hair very short and always has a lab coat on.

    The 44-year-old blonde woman's life partner, a 50-year-old woman with wavy black hair, blue eyes and tan skin who wears her hair in a ponytail and heads a lifeschool in the city of New Augea.

    The country's oldest resident, a 1,040-year-old woman who was born in Japan in 1960. She sips Old World teas and goji berry juice every day and takes Remijia extract pills.

    A 29-year-old girl with straight black hair, brown eyes and freckles, who serves as a local linguist. She knows 15 human languages and 18 alien languages.

    A 120-year-old man who writes and performs poetry in the Nindai language native to the Rigel Solar System. He has brown hair, brown eyes and tan, freckled skin and always wears a zebra-print or jaguar-print jumpsuit. His latest collection was called "Samding vau Chuangmeim" (A Pleasant Surprise). He is bisexual and never married.

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    Country : Arkelia

    Swan, Selio and Sander
    Earth the Bolkin
    Asuka (means tomorrow in japanese)
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    Asuka (means tomorrow in japanese)

    I learned something today! I thought "tomorrow" was "ashita" in Japanese, but it turns out it can also be "asuka!" Thanks, beautywriter!

    BTw, I think you forgot to name the first person on the list, the president of the colony.

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    Thanks! You're right I forgot the name of the president. I just changed it. I love this post btw! You have a lot of imagination...

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    Quote Originally Posted by beautywriter View Post
    Thanks! You're right I forgot the name of the president. I just changed it. I love this post btw! You have a lot of imagination...
    You're welcome. And thank you for your high praises on my post. I fantasize about the future a lot. In fact I even head a collaborative science fiction story online set in 2028 called Inner Bruise.

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