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    Name the residents of Bluebell Avenue :)

    Name the families who live in each house on Bluebell Avenue

    Rose Bennett Abraham Gardiner Moscowitz Everest Thorpe Vogel Hansen Zhang Amherst O'Kane Isakovich Elhert Papaphilippopoulos Guinness Magnus Rosencrantz Tinibu Cooper Yamazaki
    (Optional: add pets and/or jobs - see lists at the end)

    Honeysuckle Cottage
    DW: AP (53)
    DH: JC (55)
    DD: HA (18)
    DD: LJ (17)
    DS: TR (15)

    DW: MN (76)
    DH: AS (79)

    Clover Lawn
    DW: FB (40)
    DH: OL (41)
    DD: GK (16)
    DD: IC (10)
    DS: AJ (7)
    DS: HJ (5)

    DW: JS (45)
    DH: SO (48)
    DD: RS (13)
    DS: MR (10)
    DS: WP (8)

    The Gables
    DH: TL (53)
    DH: JE (49)

    Orchard House
    DGM: PC (73)
    DGP: JP (74)
    DW: YA (38)
    DH: CD (41)
    DS: LE (9)
    DD: VS (6)
    DD: SL (4)

    Meadow View
    DW: EF (36)
    DH: SA (38)
    DD: JG (5)
    DS: LE (2)

    Willow Bank
    DM: NI (36)
    DD: CNH (5)
    DD: OIR (2)

    DW: KAL (44)
    DH: AQ (45)
    DS: DS (12)
    DS: RM (10)
    DD: LN (7)
    DS: MA (4)
    DD: OK (3)

    Walnut Lodge
    DW: LJ (28)
    DH: STP (29)
    DDs: ARL & MIS (1)

    Pet names:
    Coco Tippi Olaf Elsa Fairy Buttons Luna Mouse Bella Rufus Falcon Max Gracie Minnie Ranger Shadow Daisy Jet Oreo Mopsy Milo Kitty Austen Simba Ginger Zoe Percy Teddy Maple Buster Sadie Bailey Fido Penny Rolo Poppy Bennie Jade Vesper Claude Jilly Heathcliff Dorcas Suzette Pancake

    Jobs: Teacher Doctor Seamstress Baker Veterinarian Hairdresser Dentist Lawyer Mechanic Architect Carpenter Artist Farmer Mailman/woman Gardener Accountant Nurse Plumber Hotel manager Rancher Office manager Chef Jourmalist Biologist Musician Receptionist Professor Electrician Psychologist Secretary Reverend Rabbi Librarian Florist Ballet dancer Barber Pharmacist
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    Honeysuckle Cottage
    Surname: Thorpe
    DW Alexandra Phoebe (53)
    DH Josiah Chase (55)
    DD Hadley Arian(18)
    DD Lilah Jade (17)
    DS Thomas Reilley (15)

    Surname: Gardiner
    DW Margaret Noelle (76)
    DH Arthur Silas(79)

    Clover Lawn
    DW Fiona Bridget (40)
    DH Orson Lewis(41)
    DD Gracie Katharine (16)
    DD Isla Clare (10)
    DS Anselm John (7)
    DS Hayden James (5)

    Surname: O'Kane
    DW Joanna Sophie (45)
    DH Seamus Oliver (48)
    DD Romilly Sarah (13)
    DS Maxen Reid (10)
    DS William Paul "Liam" (8)

    The Gables
    Surname: Abraham
    DH Thomas Leander (53)
    DH Jonathan Elias (49)

    Orchard House
    Surname: Rose
    DGM Paulina Charlotte (73)
    DGP Jacoby Philip (74)
    DW Yelena Alice (38)
    DH Chester David (41)
    DS Lysander Everest (9)
    DD Vivenne Savannah(6)
    DD Sophie-Anne Lydia (4)

    Meadow View
    DW Eve Felicity (36)
    DH Sage Alaric (38)
    DD Jaedyn Gray (5)
    DS Lyric Evander (2)

    Willow Bank
    DM Noemi Isabelle (36)
    DD Carys Hannah (5)
    DD Olive Rose (2)

    Surname: Vogel
    DW Katie Leigh (44)
    DH Alexander Quentin (45)
    DS Damien Sidney (12)
    DS River Morgan (10)
    DD Livia Nyla (7)
    DS Miles Amos (4)
    DD Oceanne Kassidy (3)

    Walnut Lodge
    Surname: Cooper
    DW Lola James (28)
    DH Peter Tate (29)
    DDs Artemis Reese & Minerva Iris (1)

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    Honeysuckle Cottage
    Surname: O'Kane
    DW: Allison Patricia O'Kane (53)
    DH: Jonathan Christopher O'Kane "Jon" (55)
    DD: Haileigh Allison O'Kane (18)
    DD: Lydia Jocelyn O'Kane (17)
    DS: Tyler Ross O'Kane (15)

    Surname: Hansen
    DW: Margaret Norah Hansen "Mae" (76)
    DH: Arthur Stiles Hansen "Art" (79)

    Clover Lawn
    Surname: Magnus
    DW: Frida Bethany Magnus (40)
    DH: Oliver Leo Magnus (41)
    DD: Genevieve Katherine Magnus "Genny" (16)
    DD: Irene Cassandra Magnus (10)
    DS: Abraham James Magnus "Bram" (7)
    DS: Henry Joseph Magnus (5)

    Surname: Cooper
    DW: Jenna Stacie Cooper (45)
    DH: Samuel Oscar Cooper "Sam" (48)
    DD: Rhiannon Sandra Cooper (13)
    DS: Marcus Riley Cooper (10)
    DS: Watson Peter Cooper (8)

    The Gables
    Surname: Rose
    DH: Torence Louis Rose "Tory" (53)
    DH: Jason Evan Rose (49)

    Orchard House
    Surname: Bennett
    DGM: Paige Clara Bennett (73)
    DGP: Jorge Peter Bennett (74)
    DW: Yasmine Aurelia Bennett (38)
    DH: Christian Daniel Bennett (41)
    DS: Lyle Easton Bennett (9)
    DD: Viviana Sasha Bennett (6)
    DD: Sorina Luce Bennett (4)

    Meadow View
    Surname: Abraham
    DW: Elizabeth Faith Abraham (36)
    DH: Simon Alexander Abraham (38)
    DD: Jordana Georgia Abraham (5)
    DS: Lysander Everett Abraham (2)

    Willow Bank
    Surname: Moscowitz
    DM: Naomi Isabelle Moscowitz (36)
    DD: Chiara Noelle Harper Moscowitz (5)
    DD: Ophelia Isla Rue Moscowitz (2)

    Surname: Amherst
    DW: Kate Anastasia Louise Amherst (44)
    DH: Alec Quincy Amherst (45)
    DS: Dashiell Sampson Amherst (12)
    DS: Ryan Marshall Amherst (10)
    DD: Lena Nineva Amherst (7)
    DS: Morris Abe Amherst (4)
    DD: Olivia Kate Amherst (3)

    Walnut Lodge
    Surname: Thorpe
    DW: Lisette Joelle Thorpe (28)
    DH: Stefan Trevino Prince Thorpe (29)
    DDs: Arielle Rohana Lisette Thorpe & Mirana Isabelle Stefana Thorpe (1)
    Guys Nigel, Connor, Collin, Dillon, Sebastian, Kit, Cash, Elias, Darius, Demetrius, Sullivan, Christian.
    Gals Evadora, Hazel, Milicent, Florence, Luce, November, Winter, Rose, Lavender.

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    The families of Bluebell Avenue

    Honeysuckle Cottage
    Surname: Gardiner
    DW Anna Philippa (53) Clarinetist
    DH James Carey (55) Doctor
    DD Hope Annabel (18) Veterinary medicine student
    DD Lucy Jane (17)
    DS Timothy Robin (15)
    Milo the West Highland Terrier & Oreo the Border Collie
    Zoe the marmalade cat

    Surname: Isakovich
    DW Mira Naomi (76) Housewife
    DH Abraham Saul (79) Rabbi
    Teddy the Jack Russell and Sadie the Black Labrador

    Clover Lawn
    Surname: O'Kane
    DW Fionnuala Bridget (40) Accountant
    DH Oisín Leonard (41) History Professor
    DD Grace Kathleen (16)
    DD Isabel Catriona (10)
    DS Adam Jacob (7)
    DS Hugh Jeremiah (5)

    Surname: Guinness
    DW Juliet Sophie (45) Artist
    DH Samuel Owen (48) Lawyer
    DD Rosalie Sophia (13)
    DS Matthew Robert (10)
    DS William Peter (8)

    The Gables
    Surname: Elhert-Amherst
    DH Thomas Laurence (53) Baker
    DH Jeffrey Eric (49) Professor
    Tippi the cat
    Mouse the Greyhound

    Orchard House
    Surname: Rose
    DGM Penelope Catherine (73) Ret. teacher
    DGP Jerome Philip (74) Ret. rancher
    DW Yvette Anais (38) Teacher
    DH Caleb Daniel (41) Doctor
    DS Levi Edwin (9)
    DD Vivienne Sarah (6)
    DD Savannah Lydia (4)
    Ranger the AQ Horse
    Luna the AQ Horse
    Falcon the pony
    Daisy the King Shepherd

    Meadow View
    Surname: Everest
    DW Erica Faye (36) Librarian
    DH Simon Arthur (38) Biologist
    DD Jemima Georgina (5)
    DS Luca Emile (2)
    Shadow the Cocker Spaniel
    Kitty & Ginger the cats

    Willow Bank
    Surname: Cooper
    DM Naomi Ivy (36) Teacher
    DD Charlotte [name_f]Norah Heidi (5)
    DD Ottilie Isobel Rose (2)
    Penny the Golden Retriever

    Surname: Moscowitz
    DW Katie Amelia Lauren (44) Hairdresser
    DH Adam Quentin (45) Dentist
    DS David Solomon (12)
    DS Reuben Mervyn (10)
    DD Laura Natalie (7)
    DS Miles Adam (4)
    DD Olivia Kate (3)
    Olaf & Mopsy the rabbits
    Gracie, Elsa & Fairy the Guinea Pigs

    Walnut Lodge
    Surname: Thorpe
    DW Lily Jane (28) Florist
    DH Saul Peter Timothy (29) Architect
    DDs Ariadne Robin Liliana & Matilda Isabel Petra (1) (Aria & May)
    Coco the cat
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    Honeysuckle Cottage

    DW: Athena Paloma Rose (53)
    DH: Jacob Christian Rose (55)
    DD: Henrietta Annabelle Rose (18)
    DD: Liliane Josephine Rose (17)
    DS: Theodore Roxton Rose (15)


    DW: Mamie Noreen Cooper (76)
    DH: Abraham Sebastian Cooper (79)

    Clover Lawn

    DW: Fallon Beatrix Bennett (40)
    DH: Oliver Lucian Bennett (41)
    DD: Grace Katherine Bennett (16)
    DD: Ida Clementine Bennett (10)
    DS: Aaron Jacob Bennett (7)
    DS: Henry James Bennett (5)


    DW: Julia Susannah Thorpe (45)
    DH: Samuel Otto Thorpe (48)
    DD: Rosalind Scarlett Thorpe (13)
    DS: Matthew Robert Thorpe (10)
    DS: William Peregrine Thorpe (8)

    The Gables

    DH: Timothy Lee Vogel (53)
    DH: Jeffrey Evan Vogel (49)

    Orchard House

    DGM: Penelope Cosima Gardiner (73)
    DGP: Jonathan Paul Gardiner (74)
    DW: Yvonne Annette Gardiner (38)
    DH: Callum Daniel Gardiner (41)
    DS: Levi Emerson Gardiner (9)
    DD: Vera Sophia Gardiner (6)
    DD: Sara Louise Gardiner (4)

    Meadow View

    DW: Emma Fiona Hansen (36)
    DH: Saul Andrew Hansen (38)
    DD: Juno Gardenia Hansen (5)
    DS: Liam Everett Hansen (2)

    Willow Bank

    DM: Norah Isabelle Rosencrantz (36)
    DD: Cordelia Norah Harriet Rosencrantz (5)
    DD: Odette Isadora Rebecca Rosencrantz (2)


    DW: Katherine Ava Lorraine Guinness (44)
    DH: Adam Quinn Guinness (45)
    DS: Declan Samson Guinness (12)
    DS: Reuben Mortimer Guinness (10)
    DD: Laurel Niamh Guinness (7)
    DS: Mason Anthony Guinness (4)
    DD: Olivia Katherine Guinness (3)

    Walnut Lodge

    DW: Lola Jane Amherst (28)
    DH: Sirius Theo Peregrine Amherst (29)
    DDs: Annabelle Rebecca Louise Amherst & Marlene Isabella Seraphina Amherst (1)

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