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    Help with my girls list!

    Hello Berries, I have been lurking on this site for quite a while, and now I need your help. We are expecting our first baby in early August!

    If it is a boy it will be Henry (a name I have loved my whole life, so much so that the growing popularity does not bother me)

    But girls are trickier. Here is my current list, what do you think? Any you would add? Thanks so much!

    Elinor (or Nell)

    - Mollie

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    Congrats! I think your list is very sweet. I'm not sure how you'd like it critiqued (is there a certain feel you're going for, or a rhythm you want?). Henry's the only other thing thing you've mentioned, so I ran with it, haha. Each girl's name could take your sibset with Henry in different directions (presuming if you have a boy after a daughter, you'd call the boy Henry).

    June and Henry feel grassroots-y, a little rough-and-tumble, mildly pioneer-y/Americana, etc. to me. I really love June as a first name, where most people seem to stick it in the middle. Elinor and Henry feel much more sophisticated and British; I love Elinor because it isn't too frilly, and has heaps of nicknames besides Nell (Ellie, Nora, Lin and Linnie, etc). Marielle is pretty; it feels fresh, and while I almost think it sounds trendy with its -elle ending, I haven't heard it much at all. I think it goes great with Henry. Honor and Henry are interesting together because they've got that same first letter, but very different sounds. Sometimes I think virtue names can be a lot to live up to, but this seems like one that a person should generally strive to achieve (Faith, Patience, even Temperance might not be ideals for all people, but almost everyone agrees Honor is good, haha). The only one I'm not the biggest fan of is Rowan; it's a lot more unisex than your other choices, and personally, nms.

    What about Annora (like Honor with a little of Elinor's sound) or Felicity (another virtue name), Marian (like Marielle), Jane (sophisticated British sound of Elinor + June?), or Rowena (akin to Rowan)? Or for some new considerations: Imogen, Willa, Winola or Winona or Winifred (Winnie is so pretty and might match your style, though these can get other nns like Nola or Freddie), Margot, Cecilia, Eloise or Louisa, Genevieve, Rebecca, or Clara?

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    June- this one is my favorite of your list, very classic and simple and I think it's quite beautiful
    Elinor (or Nell)- I like this name and nn, but prefer Eleanor as the spelling. I think it's cute and vintagey
    Marielle- I really like this one too. I would say my second favorite!
    Honor- this one makes me think of Jessica Alba's daughter. It is pretty though.
    Rowan- this one I don't like, it doesn't have a feminine sound and it's not my style, makes me think of Owen, Regan, ect names that sound male or sound like surnames.

    You might like: Jane, Jeanne, Gioia, Georgia, Nina, Norah, Lenore, Lavinia, Beatrice, Louisa, Marietta, Marina, Marisa, Anya.

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