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    Can Téa stand on its own?

    My husband and I agree on the name Téa (and not one other name!) but are a bit worried about it being mispronounced as 'Tea'. I was thinking maybe we should go with something like Mattea or Teadora so that the sound that we want is definitely there.
    Am I being silly?
    I suppose the people that matter would know her name & how to pronounce it but I do not want her going thru life constantly needing to correct people.
    My sister also made a comment about using a French accent in the name being a bit pretentious...other spelling suggestions?

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    I think it's pretty. I would think most people would know that it's not too likely that someone would name there child after the beverage, but I guess you never know. My wife has a very short & simple name (Pia), yet people seem to mispronounce it more than you would think.

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    Tia maybe?

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    Looks like it's a girl!

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