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    Discovered this one recently. Does anyone know about its origins? Could it work as a given name? It would be strictly middle name material for me if I were to consider it.

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    Not sure about the origins. I think it could work as a MN, maybe even an FN with the NN Noa

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    Maranoa intrigues me. At first I thought it might be from the Hebrew names Mara (which is what Naomi wanted to be called when she returned to Israel after her husband and sons died, which means "bitter") and Noa, but when I googled it, I got no name hits... Apparently it's a region in Queensland, Australia, and The Wiggles also have a lullaby song they produced called "Maranoa Lullaby"... It might be a Maori name, but I couldn't find anything on that, either.

    I found a few sites that referenced Maranoa as a surname. The site ( explained that Maranoa as a surname derived from native Australian plants named by John Middleton Watson--he named the plants after a river called Maranoa. The site says that Maranoa comes from native (I'm guessing Maori?) words meaning flowing, alive, or running.

    It intrigues me, and I like it, the more I think about it, but I'm not sure I would use it, personally. It might make an interesting, cool MN to a short-and-sweet one-syllable name (Eve Maranoa, Claire Maranoa, Fleur Maranoa, Wren Maranoa, Kate Maranoa, etc.).
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