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    Eliza Lei Zinnia is lovely! I'm a big fan of two MNs in general, but I really, really like the feel of Eliza Lei (how do you say this?) Zinnia is so sweet. It has a distinctly feminine, Hawaiian feel to me, and I think Kai and Eliza are really cute together.

    I agree with the others, too, if you prefer just one MN... I wouldn't worry too much about the EZ initials if Z will only be her MN.
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    I don't think the first and middle initials will be noticed as much as the first and last initials, which are used more. For example, I think your daughter will use the initials E.K. more than the initials E.Z., like at school and stuff. So I wouldn't worry too much about the E.Z. thing. But, I don't think Eliza Zinnia sounds good, with all those "Z" sounds in a row. Eliza Lei Zinnia sounds better to me.
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    I like Eliza Zinnia better than Eliza Lei Zinnia because the latter is really heavy on the Ls and Is and Zs. I also don't know if Lei is pronounced Lay or Lee or Lie. Eliza Zinnia is just easier on the eyes and easier to say. If you really want to avoid EZ would you like Zinnia Eliza or Zinnia Elizabeth? I don't think anyone I went to school with knew my middle name growing up so it's probably not a big deal.

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    I really don't think that EZ is anything to worry about.. like previous posters said, it's not like the middle name will be used w/out the last name very often. I think Eliza Zinnia is lovely. I'm not a huge fan of two middle names, and I agree that Eliza Lei Zinnia is a lot of Ls, Is and Zs all mixed together.

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    I agree with what the majority of everyone else is saying, I dont think that EZ, is that bad, since it is the middle name that begins with Z, and not the surname. However if you do decide you dont like it, I would go with Eliza Lei Zinnia. I dont think that those two names together are overkill; I did not even know the meaning of Lei until 5 minutes ago, and I dont think people are going to hear her name and then run to a computer to look up the meaning.
    That would be weird.
    With all that being said, I do not think you should go with Eliza Lei by itelf, because the initials ELK aren't very appealing. They aren't that bad, but I wouldn't want them. My initials are ATM, and I absolutely hate them.... But EZK doesnt have anything wrong with it, and neither does ELZK.

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