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    Question Need a name for Zelda's sister

    Long story, but the short is we're moving and hoping to take two stray cats with us (these cats are currently living in a box in our backyard). The photo shows the cats. The top cat I already named Zelda. I liked that Griselda referenced the color gray (the color of this cat's face, ears, paws, and tail), that Zelda also mean "blessed, happy" (good meaning), and that she referenced a princess in a game my two boys (ages 7 and 5) love.

    The bottom cat is more skittish, and we assumed was a male. My hubby called it Link, but it never felt right. Last night I was able to find out that Zelda doesn't have a brother, but a sister! This cat is more cream and black in coloring then Zelda, but along the same lines... she also has slightly longer fur.

    We now need a good feminine name for this girl kitty. Ideally, it would be quirky, fun, and different without being unknown, but not frilly! Oh, and two syllables are enough. I would kind of like the name to reference a princess (maybe fictional, like in Zelda's case), or something mystical/magical. Names I've considered include:

    Clio (mythology)
    Sable (color)
    Faye (fairy)
    Navi (as in the Zelda games - also meaning "to name")
    Elayne (princess in the Wheel of Time books)
    Avalon (legend)
    Nynaeve (legend and Wheel of Time)
    Siofra (meaning "sprite")
    Midna ("Twilight princess" from a Zelda game)

    I'm currently loving the Zelda / Midna combo, as my boys get the video game reference and I like that Midna seems to indirectly referent to midnight (which can be a reference to her darker face/etc.). I don't like that both are two syllables that end with the "a" sound... just too similar for my tastes.

    Is there a better name for this kitty?
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    I really like both Navi and Midna! I think that keeping up the video game them would be cute. My mind went to Sheik, because I sort of liked the parallel between Zelda masquerading as male and the mistake about your cats gender, but of course the genders are opposite. Maybe a feminization of Sheik - Sheila or Shina or something along those lines? I think that Lina or Minka could also be cute if you wanted to try to find a name that sounded something like Link, just in case the change in name confused the cat.

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    I vote for Navi or Midna too. The only other thing I can think of is Ocarina. Cute theme with the Zelda games.

    Alternatively Grizelda is from the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical CATS and you could choose from any number of names from that based on kitty's personality. But if you call her Zelda I think I'd stick with the video game theme. Cute cats!

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    I'd like to thank everybody for the input. We ended up naming Zelda's sister Lorelei

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