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    Is Abigail a good fit?

    With my sibset? William (Will), Julia, and Lydia.

    I know Abigail is in the top ten. That would be my only concern.

    What do you think? Open to suggestions.
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    If popularity is your main concern I would have to say that this name is somewhat popular. My guess is that it will stay in roughly the same rank for awhile longer. I think it sounds great with William, Julia and Lydia. I think Abigail is probably similar to Julia (and Juliana, Juliette, ect) when it comes to popularity (based on how much i hear it, not actual rank)

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    I think Abigail is a fantastic choice with this sibling set!

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    I think Abigail would be a wonderful addition to you sibset It should not be that popular, I don't know too many Abigails, the only little girl Abigail I know goes solely by Abby.

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    I think Abigail is a great fit with your other children. William, Julia, and Lydia are all relatively popular, as well (I believe William is also top 10 at the moment), and it has the same vintagey, colonial, sweet appeal to it. It doesn't have the same -ia ending that your other girls have, if that bothers you, but I think that helps should you have children further down the line.

    Good luck!
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