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    1) Audrina Jean - very pretty!
    2) Molly Jean - pretty but it sounds like a name for a cowgirl lol
    3) Paige Jean - ok, don't love the flow
    4) Natalie Jean - my favourite, if I heard this name I'd think of someone very beautiful
    5) Chloe Jean - only if you spell Jean as "Jeanne" instead
    6) Julie Jean - no way
    7) Nicole Jean - snooze
    8) Carly Jean - I don't like this combination, it sounds good but isn't very elegant or pretty.
    9) Miriam Jean - again, only good with "Jeanne"
    10) Elizabeth Jean - Pretty

    I think the names that are a little more european/feminine sounding should be paired with the "Jeanne" spelling so they make sense together. Overall great list, and I'm sure your daughter will be very proud to have a name that honours 2 women in her family!

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    I love Elizabeth Jean and I like Miriam Jean and Chloe Jean. I think Audrey Jean would be lovely!
    ~ Eliza

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    I love Molly, Natalie and Elizabeth with Jean.

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    Thank you everyone. I am just waiting on my husband to do his top ten list so we can discuss and work on a joint list. I know he likes a bunch of the names on my list as we have been discussing names for weeks! I am excited to get this girlie named! Everyone's comments are so helpful, it is nice to have new perspectives.

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